Have a hacked phone? Follow our guide on how to get the hacker out of your phone and prevent future hacks.

The phone is man’s best electronic companion. Calling, sending emails, buying tickets, taking pictures, managing our bank accounts, paying bills and so on. These are just a few of the things you can now do on your phone. If someone manages to hack such a tool, your life is shattered.

And if you think your phone can’t be hacked, then you are first on the list of the next hackers.

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Can my iPhone or Android phone be hacked?

We are all vulnerable, iPhones or Android. It may be a little harder to hack an iPhone, but it’s definitely possible.

What are the signs of a hacked phone?

1. Increased data usage.

A hacker application may take screenshots of your passwords and send them to the hacker over the Internet. It can also be text messages, audio recordings etc.

To check how much data your iPhone uses, go to Settings > Mobile Data.

If you have an Android, open Settings and go to Connections > Data Usage.

Check which apps are using your data a lot? Do you know what those apps are? If not, do a Google search? If the app is suspicious, uninstall it.

2. The phone behaves strangely

Everyone knows their phone. We know how it behaves when we turn it on, how it does when we connect, when we put it on standby. The slightest change in its behavior should alert us. A malicious application will inevitably change the behavior of your smartphone. So be careful.

For example, your phone may automatically open applications even when you are not doing anything.

3. The phone becomes very slow

You know how fast your phone works. If it suddenly becomes very slow, it is very suspicious. If it’s right after an internet connection, it’s even more suspicious. It means that an application is communicating with remote servers without your knowledge.

On an Android, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage.

On an iPhone, go to Settings > Battery.

See which app uses the most battery. If you don’t know it, do a Google search? If it’s suspicious, uninstall it right away.

4. Unauthorized credit card purchases

Keep a close eye on your credit or debit card statements. If you spot any strange purchases that you didn’t make, something is definitely up. Of course, your smartphone may not be to blame; it could very well be another form of credit card fraud.

5. Your hacked phone will send or receive suspicious text messages

Is your phone sending strange messages to unknown numbers? This is a clear sign that you have been hacked.

Look for any suspicious apps that have access to your messages. If you notice this type of behavior, you should immediately revoke access and delete it.

To find out which app is causing this problem on your iPhone, go to Settings> Privacy.

On an Android, open the Settings app and go to Privacy > Permissions Manager.

How to stop your phone from being hacked?

1. Track down suspicious applications

The hacker’s point of entry into your phone is the apps. If you don’t remember installing a particular app, uninstall it. And restart the phone.

In fact, the experts at Avast recommend that iPhone users restart their device frequently. In some cases, this can sever the link between the hacker and your phone.

If you’re using an iPhone, go to Settings and scroll down to see all the apps on your device. Do this until you reach the bottom, in case an app is hiding in another folder.

If your phone is an Android, go to Settings> Applications> Application Manager. Carefully scan the list of apps on your device. If you find a suspicious app, tap on it and Uninstall it.

There are antivirus programs on Android. Download them from the Playstore. iPhones natively offer all the tools that an antivirus offers.

However, you run a higher risk of getting hacked if your device is jailbroken.

2. Reset the hacked phone to its factory settings

It is the solution to all the software problems of a smartphone. It cleans up all the malicious programs that may be hiding in the depths of your phone.

But a factory reset will erase all the contents of your phone, including your contacts, photos, apps and other files. In this case, it’s best to make a backup of your phone. The problem is that if you back up your hacked data, it won’t do any good to bring it back to the phone later.

To reset your Android phone to its factory settings:

  • Put the device on charge
  • Go to Settings>System>Reset options.
  • Tap Clear All Data
  • Next, your phone will ask you for the PIN code; enter it. Press Clear All Data again to confirm your decision.

The procedure may change slightly, but basically it’s the same on all Android phones.

If you are on iPhone:

  • Put the iPhone on charge
  • Open Settings> General.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the menu and tap Reset.
  • Select Erase all content and settings.
  • If you have an iCloud backup, the phone will ask if you want to update the backup or delete it immediately. You’ll have to decide if it’s worth deleting valuable photos and messages.

Phone hacking: How to prevent it

How do hackers get into your phones? When you visit hacked websites, when you install suspicious applications, hackers have a free hand. Besides, it is not advisable to install an application using any other means than Playstore on Android or AppStore on iPhone. APKs are not always secure.

If you receive a message with a hyperlink, think twice before clicking. Ask yourself if you know the person or company sending the email. Analyze the email carefully. Or, do better, long-press the hyperlink to copy it, then open a browser (Chrome, Safari etc.) and paste the link into the browser address bar.

When connecting to an unknown Wi-Fi, use a VPN to check your bank accounts and pay bills. Always report hacking to the police.

Your best weapon against hackers is your vigilance.

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