Your phone may have a temperature sensor, and thanks to particular applications you can use this sensor to measure your body temperature.

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Nowadays, there are a lot of sensors on our phones that help us take a number of measurements. For example, we can find on most phones sensors such as pedometers to count the number of steps taken during a trip, presence sensors that allow you, for example, to put your phone in silent mode when you receive a call by simply turning your phone or by putting your hand on it. In addition to these sensors, some phones are equipped with temperature sensors that allow the base to take the temperature of the phone and inform you if your phone is overheating or not. Applications like Body Temperature will use this sensor to take your temperature.

With this type of application, you will be able to measure your body temperature, or at least have an approximate value of your temperature. In order for these applications to work normally, your phone should be equipped with one or more temperature sensors. It is true that on play store there are a lot of fake applications to measure your temperature, and you will just have to find the right application for your phone. You can for example use the Body Temperature application that you can download by clicking on the following download button.

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