The Redmi 12 4G and the Realme 11 4G are two popular smartphones on the market. In this article, we’ll compare the Redmi 12 4G and the Realme 11 4G to help you choose the 4G phone that best suits your needs.

Redmi 12 4G and Realme 11 4G design comparison

The Realme 11 4G is a stylish and compact smartphone that demonstrates Realme’s commitment to aesthetics and functionality. Weighing 178g and measuring 159.9 x 73.3 x 8mm, this device is designed for those who value portability and one-handed operation. The Gorilla Glass 5 protection for its screen is a welcome addition, ensuring durability without compromising style.


  • Weight: The Realme 11 4G is lighter than the Redmi 12 4G, weighing in at 178g versus 198.5g.
  • Dimensions: The Realme 11 4G is smaller than the Redmi 12 4G with dimensions of 159.9 x 73.3 x 8 mm compared to 168.6 x 76.3 x 8.2 mm.
  • Protection: The Redmi 12 4G has IP53 certification, which offers protection against dust and splashes, while the Realme 11 4G does not.
  • Screen: Both smartphones have a screen with Gorilla Glass protection, but the Realme 11 4G does not have certification for water and dust resistance.

Between the Redmi 12 4G and the Realme 11 4G, which has the better screen?

  • Size: The Redmi 12 4G’s screen is bigger than the Realme 11 4G’s, with a diagonal of 6.79 inches compared with 6.4 inches.
  • Technology: The Realme 11 4G has an AMOLED screen, while the Redmi 12 4G has an IPS LCD. While it may not match the dynamism of AMOLED, which promises an immersive experience, the Redmi’s larger screen is a boon for multitasking, reading and gaming.
  • Resolution: Both smartphones have Full HD+ resolution.
  • Colour: The Realme 11 4G’s AMOLED screen offers brighter colours and deeper blacks than the Redmi 12 4G’s IPS LCD. That said, IPS panels are known for their natural colour tones and wider viewing angles.
  • Screen size: The Redmi 12 4G’s large screen is ideal for users who consume a lot of content or frequently share their screen with others.

Which performs better between the Redmi 12 4G and the Realme 11 4G?

The Realme 11 4G is equipped with the Mediatek Helio G99, while the Redmi 12 4G has the Mediatek Helio G88. The Mediatek Helio G99 in the Realme 11 4G has a higher clock speed of 2.2GHz, while the Mediatek Helio G88 in the Redmi 12 4G has a clock speed of 2GHz. Both smartphones have memory configurations of up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, with the added benefit of a micro SD slot on the Redmi 12 4G. Both smartphones run Android 13, but with their respective skins: Realme UI for the Realme 11 4G and MIUI for the Redmi 12 4G.

If you’re looking for a faster processor, the Realme 11 4G is a good choice with its Mediatek Helio G99. If you prefer a more versatile memory configuration with a micro SD slot, the Redmi 12 4G is an option to consider.

Camera comparison between the Redmi 12 4G and the Realme 11 4G:

Both smartphones offer interesting camera set-ups, but with some notable differences. The Realme 11 4G stands out for its 108MP main sensor, offering detailed shots and vibrant colours. The 16MP front camera is also an advantage for selfie lovers. The Redmi 12 4G, meanwhile, features a triple-camera setup, offering greater versatility for different types of shots. Whether you want to capture landscapes, portraits or macro shots, the Redmi 12 4G will meet your needs. The Redmi 12 4G’s 8MP front camera, while slightly lower in resolution, still promises good quality selfies and video calls.

Redmi 12 4G

  • Triple camera configuration :
    • Capteur principal de 50 MPCapteur secondaire de 8 MP
    • Capteur tertiaire de 2 MP
  • Range of shooting modes and perspectives
  • Suitable for capturing landscapes, portraits and macro shots
  • 8 MP front camera for good quality selfies and video calls

Realme 11 4G

  • Dual camera configuration :
    • 108 MP primary sensor
    • 2 MP secondary sensor
  • Detailed shots and vibrant colours
  • Excellent depth perception
  • 16 MP front camera for clear selfies and video calls

Equal battery life?

Both smartphones offer a 5,000 mAh battery, guaranteeing long hours of use. However, the Realme 11 4G takes the lead in terms of charging speed, with its 67W fast charge capacity, promising rapid battery recharges. The Redmi 12 4G, with its 18W fast charge, is no slouch either, but it can’t match the speed offered by its Realme counterpart.

Redmi 12 4G vs Realme 11 4G pricing

Choosing a smartphone can be difficult, especially when you have two interesting options at competitive prices. That’s the case with the Redmi 12 4G and the Realme 11 4G. The Redmi 12 4G starts at around €131 ($144), while the Realme 11 4G is available from around €280 ($240).

Verdict: Redmi 12 4G vs Realme 11 4G: Which to choose?

In conclusion, both phones have their pros and cons. The Realme 11 4G is lighter and smaller, with an AMOLED screen offering more vibrant colours and deeper blacks. It also has a faster clock speed and faster fast charging capability. The Redmi 12 4G, meanwhile, has a triple-camera setup offering greater versatility for different types of shots. Only its 8MP front camera and 18W fast charging still limit it. So the Realme 11 4G is definitely a better option in terms of specification than its rival of the day the Redmi 12 4G. But for a relatively lower price, the Redmi 12 4G fulfils all the criteria for an excellent mid-range phone. So choose according to your needs.

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