Many people don’t know it but there is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by a young African and recently revealed to the world that is just as powerful as ChatGPT. After the release of ChatGPT, the world flocked to this tool to test its operation and benefit from its ability. It was an exciting and wonderful experience for all its users around the world. Except for the Africans, who for unknown reasons do not have access to this tool until now.

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 Obliged therefore to use means of circumvention including the use of VPN, foreign numbers to access ChatGPT. Aware of this, a young African has designed an AI just as powerful as ChatGPT and operating in the same way. This Artificial Intelligence is called KapyGPT. What is KapyGPT? To answer this question, this article explains in detail what KapyGPT is.

What is KapyGPT?

We would like to remind you that it is the very first African artificial intelligence assistant. So, KapyGPT is an artificial intelligence model using the GPT 3 neural network with Deep Learning technology and the GPTQ and Codex API. Basically, it works in the same way as ChatGPT i.e. you ask it a question on a subject of your choice and it brings you the specific and very precise answer to your question.

KapyGPT available all over the world even for Africans

Just as we have said above, ChatGPT has given Internet users all over the world an exciting and wonderful experience thanks to its impressive capabilities, except for Africans. KapyGPT having the same capabilities and mode of operation as ChatGPT is not only available all over the world, but also, it gives the opportunity to Africans to access it directly. This makes KapyGPT the best alternative to ChatGPT.

Besides, KapyGPT presents a wonderful design that is represented by a small white robot with a low density green color on which we can observe green on the face of the robot with the symbols O and X as to mark its eyes. We can also observe on the wrists of the robot green bands and as to mark its origin there is a map of Africa on the trunk of the robot.

Although KapyGPT is already an impressive tool and offers a wonderful and exciting experience to its users by providing them with specific and very precise solutions to their questions, the young African Kapy Genius who is behind this project does not intend to stop there. He plans in the near future to add to his Chat Boot, the ability to generate images and even videos. Go and test this first African artificial intelligence assistant immediately through this link:

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