Very often we are confronted with the same problem “Application not installed”, this being frustrating, it is even more annoying not to find solutions to this dilemma.

This problem occurs most often when we download the application directly from the browser of our phone, or when we retrieve the application by bluetooth … and as soon as we launch the application it loads and a message appears on the screen telling us that the application could not be installed and asking us to authorize the installation of application from unknown sources by going to check in the settings of the phone, at the level of the security option “Unknown Sources”.

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Some people are lucky enough to have the application installed after this manipulation, but for others and in certain conditions the annoying message “Application not installed” will persist and continue to make their life miserable.

Since by refusing to install this application of unknown origin, your phone is simply trying to limit intrusions and potentially dangerous installations, I advise you to let it go.

But if this option is not possible and you absolutely need this application, then:

  • Check the sources of the application first
  • Look for reviews from people who have already used this application
  • Download the APK Editor application from the PlayStore

The APK Editor application will simply allow you to take the source file of the application that could not be installed and create a Certificate that will be recognized by Google PlayStore.

The certificate that will be generated by APK Editor will be embedded in the application and you will be able to install it without any difficulty.

To get the APK editor application shown in the video just click here.

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