As with all multimedia devices, users often encounter software and sometimes hardware difficulties. If computers, mobile phones are generally the most affected, the new generations of watches called smart watches like the Realme Watch are not left out. In this article, we provide you with different solutions that help you deal with the problems that Realme Watch users often face.

List of problems on Realme Watch watches

The different problems that can be encountered on Realme Watch watches are as follows:

  • Incorrect step count
  • The lack of display
  • The failure of data synchronization with the APP (the Realme Link application)
  • Lack of incoming call notifications
  • The Bluetooth connection failure with the APP
  • The inability to control the camera
  • The inability to control the music

Solutions to these existing problems, we will explain in the following lines:

Realme Watch S

Solutions to Problems on Realme Watch

Incorrect step count on Realme Watch

This problem is due to several causes:

  • Abnormal vibrations of the device because you are wearing the watch incorrectly: It is therefore sufficient to wear the watch correctly to avoid abnormal vibrations;
  • You take less than 10 steps while walking: you must then walk more than 10 steps continuously;
  • You slip or walk in slippers: the solution is to walk in normal posture

No display on Realme Watch

This is usually caused by low battery. You must use the charger to power the battery.

Failed to sync data with APP on Realme Watch

This malfunction can have one of the following origins:

  • The Bluetooth of the mobile telephone is deactivated: it is therefore necessary to activate the Bluetooth of the telephone;
  • The APP is stopped or blocked: reset the “realme Link” APP;
  • You are not within range of the Bluetooth signal: After activating Bluetooth, you must bring your device closer to the mobile device.

Incoming calls without notifications on Realme Watch

This difficulty arises in the following cases:

  • Incoming call notification is not activated: activate the
  • The watch is not connected to the mobile device: connect the
  • The Realme Link app is closed in the background. Make sure that is not the case.
  • The “do not disturb” mode is activated: deactivate it;

Inability to make the Bluetooth connection of your Realme Watch

To resolve this issue, perform the actions below:

  • Turn off the device and turn it back on by pressing and holding the side button for 3 seconds;
  • Activate the Bluetooth of the mobile device, bring the watch close to the mobile and make the connection. If it fails, restart the phone’s Bluetooth.
  • Download the Realme Link from the Play Store before pairing.
Realme Watch S

Unable to control the Camera of your Realme Watch

When the watch is disconnected, controlling the camera can become difficult. You must then reconnect the watch to the APP, pair your Realme Watch in the Bluetooth setting of the mobile device system; Activate the photo control on the APP, open the camera of the mobile, click on “Camera” of the watch. You can control the camera.

Unable to control music on Realme Watch

To be able to control the music on your watch, log in the APP, turn on the music control, open the music player of the mobile device, click “Music” of the watch. You can control the music.

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