In this article, we will show you some little manipulations that will allow you delete a file permanently, a document or any kind of file on your smartphone.

To do this, we will use an application named “iShredder” which is the most popular eraser for iOS, Android, and others. This deletion software uses data shredding techniques that go beyond international standards. 

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Developed by Protectstar™ the world leader in secure mobile device deletion, iShredder is ideal for permanently erasing your data. It can allow you to, among other things:

  • Delete all data, files, folders, photos…
  • Delete completely your personal data such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Signal…
  • Delete temporarily saved data and empty the cache of your device
  • Significantly free up space on your smartphone.

In case the data contained in the file is confidential, it can become annoying, even worrying if someone manages to recover the file you thought you had permanently deleted. Fortunately, the so-called “iShredder” allows you to shred files in order to delete them permanently.  

It is important to note that when you delete files by shredding them, it becomes impossible to recover them later, so this software makes the whole file or folder disappear.

Delete your data easily and without leaving any traces in only 03 steps:

In three simple steps safely erase data using iShredder’s patented security standards, making it impossible to recover deleted files:

Step 1: Select the data to be deleted

Step 2: Choose a secure deletion method

Step 3: Start the deletion process

See the video demonstration

  • Certified deletion algorithms
  • Completely overwrite the free space of internal memory and even SD card
  • Delete files and folders
  • Report on deletion after the operation
  • Delete the entire contents of the SD card
  • Delete mounted devices such as USB sticks, external hard drives…
  • Delete photos, gallery, facial recognition…
  • Delete all contacts or a single contact, SMS, WhatsApp, call logs…
  • Delete temporary data and application cache
  • Password protection
  • 24 hour email support

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