What is the meaning of rooting your phone?

It is an operation that aims to provide full access to your smartphone. This practice arises from the fact that in reality, we have access to only a part of our phones. Our use of them is therefore not total and we could call this mode of use a Pseudo Guest Mode.

But be aware that if manufacturers offer us only a partial use of our smartphone is in fact to ensure our own security. Indeed, when we decide to root our phone, we also open our doors to cyber attacks, hackers and viruses.

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When manufacturing phones, manufacturers install encrypted operating systems for the common man, it is this encryption that will subsequently ensure the protection of our personal data and others against possible attacks. So before embarking on this adventure and granting administrator rights on the device, know that this is not a simple action that you will perform on your smartphone.

To sum up, full access to the phone also means an open door to viruses.

Nevertheless, rooting a smartphone has some good advantages:

  • Uninstall applications that are integrated by the manufacturer and cannot be removed otherwise. In addition to the gain in performance, it is a nice storage space that is freed up, which we all need on our smartphones;
  • Stay up to date by installing the most recent version of Android (while the updates proposed by the manufacturers arrive several months later);
  • Save up to 20% of battery by reducing the processor frequency with an application like No-frills CPU Control (conversely you can also overclock the processor to improve the performance of the smartphone);
  • Install all the applications you want within the storage limit of course.

In short, the explanatory video below shows you how to do it if you want to root your smartphone.

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