Got a new iPad? Don’t let the old one gather dust in the closet. Instead, turn it into a beautiful decorative object.

iPads have beautiful screens that look even better than some TVs. Although they are smaller, there is nothing to stop you from taking advantage of their quality to make your space more enjoyable.

How to turn your iPad into a digital photo frame without installing a third-party application

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With a few simple touches, you can make your iPad the star attraction in your home.

  • Open Settings and go to Display and Brightness. Tap on auto-lock and choose “Never” ;
  • Now go to the Photos app and create an album with the most beautiful photos you’ve ever taken. Now go to Settings> Accessibility> Guided access> enable.
  • Choose the new album in the Photos application and press the three-dot menu button. Choose “Slideshow” and press the Home button three times to enable guided access.
  • Now you can hang your iPad wherever you want and watch your photos scroll by.

How to turn your tablet into a digital photo frame with LiveFrame

LiveFrame is not the only app you can use for this job, but it is one of the best. LiveFrame allows you to make your iPad photo frame display the time and date if you want. You can also set the time for a photo to pass.

You can try out the app for five minutes before you are forced to pay about $5 for it.

Before using LiveFrame, open the settings and go to Display and Brightness. Tap on auto-lock and choose “Never”. The goal is for the iPad to never lock of course.

Then go to Settings> Accessibility> Guided Access> enable.

Have you downloaded LiveFrame yet? If not yet, do so; but only via the App Store.

Now open LiveFrame and you’ll see a navigation menu allowing you to choose the images you want to use for your photo frame.

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The great thing about this app is that it can connect to social networks like Flickr and Instagram.

You can also use a locally created album. Choose My Device in the left navigation pane, then Custom Album Selection. Allow LiveFrame to access your iPad photos in the pop-up window.

Select your iPad in the main pane on the right and you should see an entry for the “digital photo frame” album you created earlier. Tap it, and then tap the “play” button icon to start a slideshow. Start your album scroll by pressing the Home or Power button three times.

 Event Frame is a company that offers frames for iPad.  They are made of solid oak and offer many colors to choose from. It allows you to hang your tablet and especially to unhook it easily if needed.

Don’t hesitate to try the feature, even on a new iPad. It is very useful to decorate a living room without spending money.

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