If you want to buy a Samsung phone for less, the Galaxy F13 vs Galaxy M13 duel could help you make your choice.

This year, Samsung has launched some very good phones at affordable prices. The Galaxy F13 and M13 that we compare today are among the cheapest. But don’t think that they are to be taken lightly because as you will see, they have a lot to offer.

Galaxy F13 vs Galaxy M13: Which is the cheapest?

On June 22nd, Samsung will launch the Galaxy F13 in India. It is on this occasion that we will know its price. The Galaxy M13 is already on the market. You can buy it at prices ranging from 150 to 200€ depending on the amount of RAM and storage you want.

Which one has the better screen

Galaxy A13

Being cheaper phones, both competitors of the day have a PLS LCD screen. The one of the M13 has a size of 6.6 inches. It is believed that the F13 will have the same size. Both FHD+ displays have a refresh rate of 90Hz. Basically; you’ll get essentially the same screen on both phones.

Galaxy F13 vs Galaxy M13: Which is more powerful?

Both Phones have the same Samsung Exynos 850 processor, they don’t have 5G but they are pretty fast. Both phones have 4GB of RAM. Except that the Galaxy F13 has the RAM Plus feature which allows it to use storage to expand its RAM to 8GB total. To store your files and apps, you’ll have 64 or 128GB of internal storage.

It Galaxy F13 will probably be the more powerful of the two because it has more RAM.

Galaxy F13 vs Galaxy M13: Which one has the best cameras?

Samsung has not yet revealed the camera specs of the Galaxy F13. But it is believed that this phone will have the same specs as the M13, that is, a triple rear camera: 50Mpx + 5Mpx + 2Mpx (main, Ultra-wide and depth). For your selfies, you’ll have an 8Mpx camera without flash.

Which one has the better battery?

The Galaxy F13 will probably win the battery life duel as it has a huge 6000mAh battery while the Galaxy M13 is at 5000mAh. Both phones have the same 15W fast charge.

Galaxy F13 vs Galaxy M13: Which one should you buy?

As you could see, both phones are essentially the same. They have the same screen, the same processor and will probably even have identical cameras. Only the F13 has the advantage because it can boost its RAM to 8GB and offers a bigger battery. We’re waiting for June 22 to see if its price will be as attractive as its specs?

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