So well received by consumers, Samsung’s smartphones give the impression of being perfect. However, there is always something to complain about.

Since the rollout of the latest Android 12-based UI 4.0 update to Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series, many Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra owners are reporting numerous problems. This is almost always the case with the rollout of new user interfaces on mobile devices.

Common problems with the latest One UI 4.0/Android 12 update on Galaxy S21 devices

Users of Galaxy S21 devices have reported a multitude of issues since the rollout of the new Android 12 version with custom overlay from the firm’s One UI 4.0. And the most common issues recorded on Galaxy S21s following the Android 12 update are:

  • Screen refreshment problems
  • Abnormal battery discharge and charging problems,
  • Installation problems and malfunctions of proprietary and third-party applications,
  • Notifications that do not arrive or are late,
  • User interface lag,
  • Data/Wi-Fi activation or deactivation issues,
  • Problems with the Galaxy S21 camera application,
  • Sound problems…

This list is not exhaustive and only includes the most common issues since the One UI 4.0 update. If you encounter any of the above problems, we encourage you to look for solutions among those proposed below.

Fixes to One UI 4.0 update issues on the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra

Most of the issues with the recent One UI 4.0 update will be fixed with patches that the firm rolls out from time to time. So you should constantly check for a patch update and if there is, download and install it to fix these issues on your Galaxy S21/S21 Plus/S21 Ultra.

Resolving the zoom lag issue and overall camera performance reduction

To fix this particular lag issue and improve the camera performance of the Galaxy S21, S21+ or S21 Ultra, you need to refer to the update that was released some time ago. In other words, if you notice lag or loss of camera performance on your Galaxy S21 or S21+ or S21 Ultra device, check the latest update being rolled out, and if it doesn’t match the latest update on your device, update your S21.

Fixing network problems

If after having noticed the network problem on your S21, despite the update of the device, it still does not receive anything, you must first check if your operator covers the area where you are. And if the problem does not come from the operator, you can try this:

  • Go to the Galaxy S21 Settings application,
  • Choose the Connections setting
  • Then tap on Mobile Networks
  • Among the network options offered, if “Wide Area Network” is enabled, deselect and set the network settings to 5G/LTE/3G/2G instead

Switching to data roaming is also a solution that will allow you to make and receive calls if you do not have a good signal using another operator’s connections.

Solving the problem of abnormal battery discharge

Samsung Galaxy S21 series phones may boast good battery capacities, but they also have high performance. And when a device has high performance, it happens very often that the battery of the device suffers the backlash. Sometimes a new device update can cause applications to become more power hungry, which can cause a lot of damage to the battery. But when this happens, a corrective update is usually issued by the company.

If, on the other hand, the battery draining problem is not related to a recent update, we advise you to :

Tip 1: Reduce the screen resolution of the S21

To help a Galaxy S21’s battery last longer, you can opt to reduce the screen resolution. Although this could prove to be a double-edged sword for those with some vision problems. Lowering the screen resolution will change the size of the elements. We therefore advise you not to lower it too much and to find a happy medium.

How to lower the screen resolution :

  • Go to the Settings application,
  • Open the Display settings,
  • Go to Screen Resolution and select,
  • You can now set the resolution to the size that suits you best, and when done validate by pressing Apply.
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Tip 2: Lower the refresh rate of the Galaxy S21

The S21 series has an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. Setting this to the maximum would probably cause your battery to run down quickly. We therefore recommend that you set the refresh rate of the Galaxy S21 manually to 60 Hz. To do this, you need to :

  • Go to the Settings application,
  • Open the Display settings,
  • Choose the Motion Smoothing option,
  • Now select the refresh rate of 60 Hz,
  • Then validate by pressing Apply.

We also advise you not to use the phone while charging, also use an original charger on the S21.

The Galaxy S21 series, at the moment, has no major complaints that would prevent its proper use. However, there are a few issues that, as we have said, do not necessarily prevent the use of these phones, but they do have an impact that should not be overlooked.


In the new S21 series, the SIM drawer has changed place. It is now on the bottom edge of the phone. You might be wondering what the problem is with this location? Well, it’s simply because it’s next to the microphone. And the microphone looks a lot like the SIM drawer. This leads to the possibility of confusion between the two holes. And the consequence could be the bug being screwed up. Which is no small thing when you consider how important the microphone is for our smartphones.

Source : Frandroid

If the problem seems negligible to some, it is not to the brand, which has taken the trouble to notify it in a warning on the plastic that protects the phone in its box. But even so, given that the drawer is used all the time with the Esim, the risk is reduced. But still, you have to be careful when handling it and don’t do it in a hurry because you might make a mistake.

Source: phonandroid


Since 2016, Android has provided for seamless updates for certain smartphones. In September 2020, Google introduced the latest version of its mobile operating system, Android 11. This update allows users to have a better experience in using their devices and to update more quickly.

Source: global techradar

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S21, this new feature does not exist on the Galaxy S21, S21+ and S 21 Ultra despite their high-end position according to Android.police. Given that Google has removed the mandatory option for all smartphones, Samsung can afford to make the choice not to integrate this new update. This means that users of the Galaxy S21 are deprived of rapid updates. This is certainly not a serious problem, but it should still be taken into account.

Source: frandroid
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One question remains in the face of this categorical refusal of the Samsung brand for all these years: Why doesn’t it adhere to Google’s Android updates? We will come back to this in other articles.

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