The OPPO Reno 8 is a good smartphone, which does not make it immune to some common problems specific to all smartphones. Here’s how to solve them.

Fortunately, the problems encountered on OPPO Reno 8 can be solved quite easily. Here’s the quick guide on how to deal with the problems on this phone.

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1. Network problems on OPPO Reno 8

Bluetooth problems

Bluetooth problems on Reno 8 can be solved by restarting the phone. If this doesn’t work, remove all devices from your Bluetooth menu and reconnect the ones you want to use. Of course, make sure the devices are in close proximity to your phone. Remember that Bluetooth has a limited range.

Is Reno 8 in power saving mode? This could be the cause of a Bluetooth malfunction.

How do I fix Wi-Fi problems?

Start by turning off your cellular data and make sure that phone and network security is not disabled in the Wi-Fi menu.

 If everything is ok on this side, restart your OPPO Reno 8. Have you checked that the problem is not on the device that transmits the Wi-Fi network? Maybe you are too far from the signal, or there’s interference from other devices nearby. Change your location to see if things improve.

2.  My OPPO Reno 8 is very slow: What can I do?

This problem is very often caused by overflowing storage space. So check how much memory you have left in your phone. If it is less than 10% of the total storage, delete everything you do not need anymore, especially applications, photos and videos. More clearly, if you have less than 6GB of 64GB left, consider deleting something.

You can also open the phone’s settings and clear the data and cache of applications. This will make them run faster.

If the problem continues, look for updates and install them. Also, check if any apps are running in the background.

3. Reno 8’s battery is draining faster

Start by updating your applications and the phone’s system. Another cause of this problem is using the wrong charger. Only use the original chargers on your devices, or you risk damaging their batteries.

Also, turn off auto-brightness on your Reno 8. You may have applications running in the background, go to Settings, then Battery and see which applications are using your battery. Delete any you do not recognize.

It could also be that the battery in your OPPO Reno 8 is faulty. In this case, contact customer support to have it changed.

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4. Application problems on OPPO Reno 8

The main cause here is that your apps are not up to date. So update them, and see if the problem persists.

Another reason is that some applications have not been given permission to access your contacts and other phone features. Either grant them these features or delete them. Restart the phone once this is done.

We firmly discourage installing applications in a memory card, you should always install them in the phone’s memory.

If nothing works out despite this, reset your phone to its factory settings.

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