A blood pressure monitor is a medical device used to measure blood pressure. In recent years it has become a star as the number of people with high blood pressure has increased exponentially. A number of factors are to blame, but a simple solution is blood pressure monitoring to stay in good health. To do this, there’s nothing better than a blood pressure monitor, which gives results with lightning accuracy. These small devices come in several models, including manual and automatic electronic versions. Within these broad groups, they can also be classified by energy source: battery-powered or rechargeable. It’s a super-practical device that almost anyone can use these days. An intelligent device is an electronic device that is generally connected to other systems and can perform tasks interactively and autonomously. So let us introduce you to the 20 best blood pressure monitors we’ve come across.

1. Omron Platinum Wireless

Omron is one of the leaders in the blood pressure monitor market, and offers a wide range of devices, each more effective than the last. The Japanese firm has produced the Omron Platinum Wireless, a top-of-the-range device. This model includes Bluetooth technology for use at home for remote medical monitoring. The monitor will connect to your Bluetooth device to synchronise the results and send them to your doctor. The Omron Connect application is available for this purpose on IOS and Android (check here whether your device is compatible).

The package includes a multi-size D-ring cuff (perfect for arms from 22 to 42 cm in circumference) and a backlit horizontal LCD screen with dual displays for monitoring. The screen can be powered by mains current or 4 AA batteries. The monitor can store up to 200 readings for 2 users. In other words, each user can save their blood pressure readings 100 times. For some people, blood pressure is too high in the morning; Omron has thought of this and included a morning blood pressure indicator. This calculates the average of your blood pressure to give an accurate value despite the false positive in the morning. Similarly, TruRead technology allows you to take 3 consecutive readings at modifiable time intervals. The monitor will average the consecutive readings to give a more stable result.

Clinical accuracy certificationLimited cuff size for small arms
Unlimited users on the applicationNumber of users limited to 2 without the mobile application
High precision thanks to TruRead technologyLarge, somewhat bulky screen
Dual power supply
Storage of up to 200 readings
Amazon Alexa compatible

2. OMRON Evolv Bluetooth wireless

The Omron EVOLV connected upper arm blood pressure monitor is aimed at busy individuals who want a compact, portable and wireless device. It comes from the same company as the previous choice, but is all-in-one with a more elegant design and exclusive battery power. The monitor is equipped with a sensor that detects movement and allows irregular heartbeats to be detected. This will let you know how reliable the results are, because according to the rules, measurements should be taken when you’re at rest. On the other hand, the built-in Intelli Wrap technology allows the cuff to adapt to the user’s arm.

It is suitable for arms of between 9″ and 17″. The cuff automatically inflates and deflates in a controlled manner, and the results are visible on the device’s built-in screen. There’s also an option to check that the cuff is correctly positioned. Ideally, the message ‘ok’ will be displayed. The monitor is powered by 4 AA 1.5 V batteries supplied with your monitor. Like the Omron Platinum, this monitor is capable of connecting to the Omron Connect mobile app. To connect your monitor to your mobile device, simply pair the 2 and open the Omron Connect application.

Advantages Disadvantages
Certification of clinical precisionNo storage of readings on the monitor
Compact designNo mains power supply
Unlimited cloud storage
Incorrect use warnings
Irregular heartbeat warning
Compatible with Amazon Alexa

3. Withings BPM Connect

The Withings BPM Connect is comparable to the Omron Evolv in that it is a portable blood pressure monitor. The main difference is that it stores up to 8 readings on the device itself, whereas the Evolv stores nothing. To use your monitor, simply place the cuff around your arm and switch it on. You’ll be able to scroll through your blood pressure readings, but it’s quite difficult for some people to do this.

So a mobile application has been designed called Health Mate, which you simply download. Then connect your smartphone to the monitor, either via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can check your blood pressure and heart rate on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. The history function allows you to classify your measurements, and all the data can be stored for several years. As far as power is concerned, a battery is built in, and given that the package is fairly unique, you’ll have around 6 months’ use. After that, you simply need to change the battery.

Advantages Disadvantages
Accuratedifficult to read display
Extremely portableNo mains power
Unlimited cloud storageNo motion detection
No screen
Wi-Fi connection sometimes unstable

4. iHealth Neo Wireless

This iHealth blood pressure monitor is one of the pricier choices on this list, but it makes up for it with features. The entire screen of this 12.4-inch monitor changes colour according to your blood pressure reading. This makes it easy to quickly determine your blood pressure range. Plus, the simple design and oversized numbers make it clear to read and foolproof to use. It even offers audible readings of the results. The monitor can run on battery power or an AC adapter, and comes with a 12-month limited warranty.

The battery has a capacity of 800mAh and takes around 130 readings. The device stores up to 2,000 readings, and with the extension on the app, you can record an unlimited number. This blood pressure monitor uses Bluetooth to connect to your mobile devices and interact with the My Vitals app. Available on the iOS App Store and Google Play, My Vitals lets you track your blood pressure, take notes, compare readings and store results.

Advantages Disadvantages
2 user data storage –Price
Average blood pressure calculationBatteries not included
Larger batteryNo motion detection
Unlimited cloud storage

5. Greater Goods BP Monitor

The Greater Goods blood pressure monitor is accurate, versatile and easy to use. Its main feature is its large backlit display, which is easier to read than the screens on most other blood pressure monitors. It’s also Bluetooth-enabled, making it easy to keep track of your health on a daily basis.  The monitor syncs with a companion app (Balance Health) on your smartphone. The aim is to provide blood pressure readings in a space where you can track changes over time.

This blood pressure monitor has a comfortable cuff that’s easy to put on and an arm size from 8.75 to 16.5 inches. This blood pressure monitor also comes with a handy carry bag that holds the monitor and its accessories. The device is capable of storing 60 readings; this is certainly not as colossal as the iHealth Neo Wireless, but it does have its advantages. These include the function for calculating the average of readings and notification in the event of irregular heartbeats. The screen is also colour-coded, so anyone can read the results. The device is mains and battery powered, making it suitable for travel.

Colour coding for high voltageReduced readings storage
Certified clinical accuracy
Blood pressure averaging
High accuracy
Large, bright display
Supplied with carrying case

6. Beurer BM67

A trusted name in the healthcare industry, Beurer claims accuracy and technological compatibility with this blood pressure monitor. The device is easy to use and read, and provides colour-coded blood pressure readings to alert users when their blood pressure is elevated. It also syncs with Beurer’s HealthCoach application. The application displays trends in the user’s blood pressure over time. Its averaging function promotes the most accurate readings, and the device itself can store data for up to four users at a time.

Users can store up to 30 records/measurements each and storage is unlimited via the app, so you can use one monitor for the family. The device also features an automatic shut-off in case of inactivity for added convenience.  The universal cuff fits arm diameters as small as 8.7 inches and as large as 16.5 inches. This blood pressure monitor is capable of measuring pulse, displaying diastolic and systolic pressure, as well as detecting irregular heartbeats. The Beurer BM67 can be powered either by mains current or by 1.5V AA batteries. However, as it was designed in the USA, you will need a mains adaptor for it to work on your outlet.

Up to 4 users allowedReduced readings storage
Detection of irregular heartbeatsLimited cuff sizes
Automatic shut-off

7. Braun ExactFit 5 Connect

The ExactFit 5 Connect upper arm blood pressure monitor lets you easily and accurately monitor your own blood pressure. It is available in two cuff sizes (S-M and L-XL) so you can choose the best fit for accuracy. The device is equipped with a morning hypertension detection mode and irregular heartbeat detection mode. It has an easy-to-use display. It is battery-operated. Its simplicity of use is its main advantage.  An included function calculates your average blood pressure over the last 7 days of readings to help you monitor your health. You can also connect the monitor to your mobile device via Bluetooth and use the Braun Healthy Heart app available on Google Play and the App Store. The device allows 2 users to store 60 locations each after measuring their blood pressure.

Advantages Disadvantages
PortableReduced readings storage
Detection of irregular heartbeatsSlow in use
Colour coding for interpretation of resultsNot compatible with rechargeable batteries
Various cuff sizes

8. Beurer BC58

This blood pressure monitor from the now famous Beurer brand is a very useful accessory indeed. It works differently from its competitors because blood pressure is measured on the wrist rather than the arm. This is a very good thing for people with reduced mobility or who are relatively fragile, for whom any effort is difficult. The screen rests directly on the wristband, which wraps around the wrist. So there’s no risk of pulling the hose and the monitor falling off. The screen is touch-sensitive, so all you have to do is switch on the device and follow the instructions. It really is that simple.

Reliability and measurements are not as accurate as the models above, but good enough for routine monitoring and detecting significant voltage increases or losses. The screen is large and has a digital display, which is very comfortable to use. The monitor can store up to 60 readings and you can transfer all the data to a computer using a USB connection and compatible Beurer software, but it doesn’t have Bluetooth to send data to the app.

Advantages Disadvantages
PortableReduced readings storage
Compact designNot compatible with rechargeable batteries
Unlimited cloud storage

9. Lazle JPD-HA101

Lazle blood pressure monitors come highly recommended by nurses, and so do the majority of healthcare providers. When asked why, the answer is given by its features, which speak for themselves. This blood pressure monitor alerts users when they put the cuff on incorrectly, preventing you from getting incorrect readings.  It will store readings for two people, and the adjustable cuff ensures a good fit for both users.

What’s more, the Lazle fits more arms than any other BPM on our list. This model can store up to 200 readings for two users. Once this space is full, it deletes the oldest recording. If you measure your blood pressure several times a day, you may only get a month’s worth of history. Power is supplied by 1.5V batteries, which are placed in the back of the monitor case.

Advantages Disadvantages
Large screenNo mobile application
Warning of incorrect useBattery only
Recommended by healthcare professionals

10. FORA Test N’GO wireless

For those who need to measure their blood pressure regularly and are often on the move, this device from Fora ticks a lot of boxes. Users simply follow the cuff and small monitor, which communicate via Bluetooth rather than a standard cord. The device’s display screen is fairly small, with little contrast between the blue light and the black text. The accompanying app, however, makes it easy to view recent readings, compare data over time and even send data files directly to your healthcare provider. The monitor also features irregular heartbeat detection and automatically shuts off after three minutes of inactivity. This blood pressure monitor is powered by an internal battery and is capable of storing 200 readings from a single user.

One-touch measurementOne cuff size
Quiet motorNo colour coding
Lightweight and extremely portable designLow contrast display
Automatic shut-off
Irregular heartbeat detection

11. Omron Serie 5

The Omron Series 5 is ideal for people who don’t want to include a smartphone in their blood pressure monitoring routine (although a paired app is available). It measures your pulse as well as your blood pressure, detecting even irregular heartbeats during a blood pressure reading. It can run on battery or mains adapter.

The LED display is clear and easy to read, and the oversized digits can be useful for visually impaired users. It comes with an easy-to-roll cuff that is pre-shaped for a comfortable and secure fit for arm diameters ranging from 9 inches to 17 inches. Omron offers a 24-month warranty on the monitor and a 12-month warranty on the cuff. The device is capable of storing 60 readings for each of up to 2 users.

Advantages Disadvantages
Averaging of blood pressure No colour coding
Irregular heartbeat detectionReduced readings storage
Alexa compatible application

12. Omron M7 Intelli IT

Omron offers a wide range of devices, but the best known are its blood pressure monitors, which are recognised as some of the best on the market. The M7 Intelli IT has been out for 3 years, but is still one of the most complete.  It works by means of a cuff connected to a monitor by a hose, which is itself battery-powered. The package is of very good quality and is designed to be durable, so it will be useful for a long time. You won’t have to worry about accuracy and reliability with a monitor like this, especially as it records almost 100 readings per user.

A Bluetooth module is built in to transmit the data to a mobile application. You’ll be able to view your voltage readings over a long period of time.  The application can also be used to transform the data into a file that can be sent to the doctor responsible for your monitoring.

Advantages Disadvantages
Readings storage Price
Up to 2 usersNot compatible with rechargeable batteries


Like many of the products shown here, the GPZON is also clinically recommended. This blood pressure monitor is placed around the arm to measure blood pressure and also detects the pulse. In order to maintain accurate results, an intelligent biochip has been integrated into the unit. It automatically detects the position of the cuff, movement errors and gives you icon tips. Very practical for beginners and seniors.

The device can be powered by 1.5V batteries or a USB cable. It can store 240 readings in memory for up to 2 users. Unlike its competitors, you can’t connect your monitor to a mobile app to track your activity.

Large screenFragile
Detection of incorrect useNo mobile application

14. Life source blood pressure monitor

A&D Medical’s Life Source blood pressure monitor features cuffs available in a wide range of sizes to suit all kinds of people. If you’ve got a big arm and find it hard to squeeze into tiny wrists, you’ll appreciate the size of the Life Source (Extra Large Cuff) . We like the Life Source Extra Large Cuff because it fits arms (16.5 to 23.6 inches) that are too big for all the other BP monitors on our list (about 9.0 to 16.5 inches). Finding the right cuff makes a big difference in accurately measuring your blood pressure.

A major shortcoming of this monitor is its memory storage. It only stores up to 60 readings, which is average compared to other monitors on the market. However, this is compensated for by using the A&D Connect mobile application via Bluetooth. At that point, it is possible to store unlimited readings. The monitor is powered by a set of 4 AA batteries housed in the back of the case.

Advantages Disadvantages
Large screenPrice
Certification of clinical accuracy – No mobile application
Extra large chest
Irregular heartbeat detection

15. Beurer BM26

This simple blood pressure monitor from Beurer is available in a variety of cuff sizes and is a great option for families looking to view readings together, as it can store data for up to four users. It averages three consecutive readings for a more accurate view of your blood pressure.

Blood pressure readings are colour coded and alert users when their blood pressure is high. It also monitors irregular heartbeats and blood pressure via a microchip. The display doesn’t link to a smartphone app for additional storage or analysis, so it’s more for those who prefer a low-tech approach, without having to do the calculations themselves manually.

Advantages Disadvantages
Large screenNo Bluetooth
Certification of clinical accuracyNo mobile application
Irregular heartbeat detectionXL battery not included

16. Paramed BP monitor

The Paramed blood pressure monitor has a large, easy-to-read digital display. It also stores up to 120 readings. If more than one person needs to record readings, it will record two profiles for two different users. You can also switch between mains and battery power. The most notable feature of Paramed BPM is the voice confirmation. The device will tell you by sound whether your blood pressure is high, low or normal.

Large screen No Bluetooth
PrecisionNo mobile application
Motion detection Small cuff size
Audio playback of results

17. Omron X4 smart

The Omron X4 Smart blood pressure monitor is a fairly basic piece of equipment, but does what you’d expect of such a device. The build quality is satisfactory and a storage bag is provided. There’s a battery-powered monitor with a very large, easy-to-read screen attached to a classic armband. Easy to use and the Bluetooth connection works very well. We went through a relatively simple app, but it did a good job of gathering information and providing graphs or charts to accurately track changes in our blood pressure.

It’s a fully-fledged application that does a lot of the work of strict monitoring. We can even download our information as an Excel sheet. The accuracy is good, perhaps not as good as previous models, but the results are acceptable. It’s certainly not as advanced as its competitors, but the results are nevertheless acceptable with a small margin of error.

Advantages Disadvantages
Large screenSlightly unreliable accuracy
Mobile trackingSlightly heavy
Averaging of voltages
Audio playback of results

18. iHealth Track Connect

The device has an affordable price, several data storage options and an easy-to-read LED screen. The standard cuffs fit arms from 8.7″ to 16.5″ in diameter, and the oversized cuffs fit arms from 16.5″ to 18.9″ in diameter. The monitor itself weighs just 1lb, making it easy to use on the move. It’s also battery powered, so you don’t have to worry about recharging it every day.

The LCD screen is colour-coded for easy interpretation of results. This blood pressure monitor can be connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone and provide full graphs of your monitoring. You’ll be able to store 99 readings in direct memory, and unlimited space is available on the app.

Advantages Disadvantages
Large displayDisposable batteries required
Two cuff sizes available (standard and XL)No warranty statement
Colour code for interpretation
Certification of clinical accuracy

19. Lovia BP Monitor

This blood pressure monitor has the unique feature of being fully automatic and using a calculation function for readings that are as accurate as those taken by a specialist. Practical for monitoring your health every day. It can store the readings of two users, with each user having 120 memories. Each reading is recorded and filed by date and time for optimum monitoring. The device has a large screen with large-scale digits, so you can easily read your results without the risk of making a mistake.

Advantages Disadvantages
Recommended for clinical useUnreliable precision
Comfortable, adjustable handle
Large screen

20. MEDGRAM BP Monitor

This blood pressure monitor may be at the bottom of the list, but that doesn’t mean it’s undeserving, as it’s FDA-approved for reliability and accuracy. It has a cuff circumference ranging from 22 to 42 cm, which means it adapts to all body shapes. So, with its cuff position indicator, you can ensure that measurements are as accurate and reliable as possible according to the state of the art. The device can be used by two different people, with 2 users each having 120 memories. It has a large LCD display with lots of numbers for easy reading. It is powered both by a USB cable and a battery.

Advantages Disadvantages
Easily configurableUnreliable precision
Comfortable, adjustable cuff

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