After the success of the Black Shark 5 smartphones, we are eagerly awaiting the announcement of a series 6 of the range. While the company had accustomed us to its releases in March, we will obviously have to wait again. At the moment, it’s only rumors that the company has internal difficulties. However, it seems that someone has managed to put the Black Shark 6 on sale in China. Maybe it’s just a prototype, but here are the ones we can expect.

What will the Black Shark 6 look like?

The version of the Black Shark 6 put on sale on the second-hand website Youxianyune could be just a decoy. Just as it could look like the final smartphone, but based on it we can say quite a lot. The shell would be similar to that of the Black Shark 5, except that the back would have a leather covering on the back. The display is not visible in the leak, but we should expect an AMOLED screen as the company likes. The refresh rate could exceed the 144Hz of the Black Shark 5, but we don’t know anything about that yet.

Which processor for the Black Shark 6?

According to rumors, the slab of the smartphone named Black Shark 6 would hide the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Certainly nothing surprising if this is true, when we know that the previous series also used Snapdragon as a processor. This variant has 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal storage.

Will the camera be as satisfactory?

We wouldn’t mind a 3-sensor camera block like on the Black Shark 5, but the rumored variant intrigues. Indeed, the Black Shark 6 which is controversial seems to list the Sony IMX686 of 64 MP as the main sensor. The intrigue is on the fact that it is an old camera. Although the Black Shark range is more gaming oriented, a sensor like that on a smartphone that wants to be high-end is disappointing. We can only hope that this is not true.

What autonomy could the Black Shark 6 have?

Another interesting fact, the alleged Black Shark 6 would have 5000mAh of battery capacity. This is quite plausible when you think that the previous Black Shark was limited to 4650mAh. A good deal? There is no way to verify this when the designer has not yet made a statement. The fast charge of the leaker device would admit 120W, which is perfectly in line with what Xiaomi offers on these advanced devices.

Price and availability

For the availability, it is impossible to say for the reasons mentioned above. Xiaomi still has to launch the product, manufacture it and put it on the market. How long will it take? No one can say, but the wait will be worth it. However, the version visible on the Chinese website was worth 3,900 CNY ($560). You don’t have to be a genius to know that this price is far below the imaginable. Doubling it, on the other hand, would make the predictions more interesting.

The Black Shark 6 may hit the market later this year, but on the feature side, it will be interesting. The Chinese website’s variant features a smartphone with 2 rear shells (one glass, the other plastic with leather texture). The visible photo module quickly attracts attention and it looks like we can see 3 photo sensors that could be invited on the final version.

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