The Fairphone 5, the brand’s latest product, is now official and available for pre-order on the company’s online store. Priced at €700/£620, this unique smartphone stands out for its commitment to fairness, sustainability and repairability. Discover the features of this revolutionary phone and the functionalities that make it so appealing to those committed to responsible consumption.

Fairphone 5 highlights

The Fairphone 5 is made from 70% fair-trade and recycled materials, meeting the highest standards of environmental responsibility. What’s more, it’s manufactured by fairly-paid workers, ensuring a positive social impact.

This smartphone is built to last, with a 5-year warranty and software support through to 2031 and beyond. It runs on Android 13 and will benefit from at least 5 operating system updates, guaranteeing its long-term use.

Another undeniable advantage of the Fairphone 5 is its ease of repair. Indeed, it is designed with ten replaceable modules, enabling users to easily replace certain components without having to visit a repair shop. These modules include the OLED screen, cameras, USB port and battery.

Fairphone 5 features

Available in three attractive colors – Matte Black, Sky Blue and the new Transparent edition – the Fairphone 5 is an ideal choice for those who wish to reconcile technological performance with respect for the environment.

The Fairphone 5’s new OLED screen offers an exceptional visual experience with a resolution of 1,224 x 2,700 px and a refresh rate of 90 Hz, delivering smooth, color-rich images. This is the company’s first HRR display, offering a maximum brightness of 880 nits and is covered by Gorilla Glass 5 protective glass. The phone boasts an IP55 rating, making it more water-resistant than its predecessor. It has been tested against drops from 1.8 m/6 ft.

The Fairphone 5 is equipped with a Qualcomm QCM 6490 chipset, an SoC with long-term software support. It is this chip that enables Fairphone to offer support until 2031. The QCM 6490 is backed by a single memory configuration of 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. That said, there is a microSD slot that accepts cards up to 2TB.

The Fairphone 5 upgrades to a 50 MP perforated selfie camera. The selfie camera is a 1/2.76″ Samsung JN1 sensor with small 0.64 µm pixels, enabling 4-in-1 binning technology. Its f/2.45 lens offers a 90° field of view and enables 4K video recording at 30 frames per second.

At the rear, the main camera is equipped with a 50 MP, 1/1.56″ Sony IMX800 sensor with 1.0 µm native pixels and also 4-in-1 binning technology. Its f/1.88 lens offers an 84° field of view and incorporates optical image stabilization. There’s also a 117° ultra-wide-angle camera, with a 1/2.51″ IMX858 50 MP sensor and 0.7µm pixels. This camera features autofocus and is capable of capturing macro images at a distance as short as 2.5 cm/1 inch. Finally, the third rear module is a time-of-flight sensor.

The phone comes with a 4,200 mAh battery that supports 30 W fast charging. With this new fast charge the Fairphone 5 reaches 50% in 20 minutes, and a full charge should last a day and a half. As usual with Fairphones, you can easily replace the battery with a new one once it starts to wear out. Note, however, that there is no wireless charging.

The device is a dual SIM phone, with one physical SIM slot and one eSIM. Other connectivity includes Wi-Fi 6E (6 GHz), Bluetooth 5.2 and NFC. The 3.5 mm headphone jack has disappeared and will never return. To compensate, the Fairphone 5 features stereo speakers.

Delivery of the Fairphone 5 will begin on September 14, with a slight wait for the Sky Blue version, scheduled for the end of September. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a gesture towards more responsible consumption by pre-ordering your Fairphone 5 now on the brand’s official website.

With its commitment to fairness, sustainability and repairability, the Fairphone 5 is positioned as a revolutionary smartphone. Available for pre-order on the company’s official website, this unique phone offers a quality technological experience while respecting the environment and supporting fair labor practices. Don’t delay, get your Fairphone 5 and join the movement for more responsible consumption.

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