Asus recently introduced the ROG Ally hybrid console to the French market, priced at €799. However, in order to meet consumer expectations, Asus has decided to launch a more affordable version of this console, the ROG Ally Z1. Although this version offers reduced performance compared with the ‘Extreme’ model, it retains the same Z1 processor as its big sister.

Despite its slightly lower performance, the ROG Ally Z1 has some attractive features. Unfortunately, Asus has yet to release any information about a possible microSD port fault or overheating, which affected some copies of the ROG Ally.

For those interested, although the Z1 version is priced £100 less than the Extreme version, it’s recommended that you opt for the latter if optimum performance and reliability are paramount.

Following the launch of the Extreme version last June, Asus is now offering a more affordable option with the ROG Ally Z1. This new version will be priced at £699, a saving of £100 on the Extreme model. However, according to various US media outlets, the Z1 version does not offer any notable improvements over the previous version.

In conclusion, Asus is offering consumers a more affordable alternative with the ROG Ally Z1, but those looking for optimum performance should turn to the Extreme version of this console.

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