One of the major assets of the iPhone 13 series phones is their screens. The iPhones 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, which have screens protected by solid Gorilla Glass, do not need much protection. The standard iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, on the other hand, are in particular need of it.

That said, it should be noted that some people will never need to protect the screen of their iPhone 13 because the phone has a pretty solid screen.

It features a ceramic shield that protects the screen from scratches. According to Apple, this shield is the strongest on the market.

If you have rambunctious kids or want to have dual protection, we recommend the best iPhone 13 screen protectors below. 

Some of the best iPhone 13 screen protectors include big names like Zagg, ESR, Belkin, Totallee etc.

Some of these protectors even help you boost the privacy of your iPhone 13.

Best iPhone 13 screen protectors

Totallee, the first iPhone 13 screen protector on our list is made of tempered glass. It impresses with its tiny thickness of only 0.05 centimeters. It covers the entire screen of your phone and will be just as effective if you already have a case. Scratches and other aggressions do not do anything to it.


Supershieldz is a protector made from a PET film. It has a remarkable clarity and is very resistant to scratches. It can be purchased in a pack in which you get six protectors.


Skinomi Matte is a protector made from TPU film; and as the name suggests, it has a matte finish. It’s simple but effective.

Skinomi Matte

The ESR Armorite is another heavy duty tempered glass protector. Buy this protector and you will be provided with an installation kit that will simplify the process.

The Belkin iPhone Screen Protector is a trusted product from a trusted brand with a proven track record. In addition to protection from mechanical damage, it offers antimicrobial protection to keep your iPhone 13 from becoming a germ nest that can make kids sick.

The Belkin iPhone Screen Protector

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite Privacy: Sometimes it’s not the screen itself that you want to protect, but rather what is displayed on it. This protector is very useful for that. It has a privacy filter that prevents prying eyes from seeing what your iPhone 13 is displaying.

ZAGG InvisibleShield
Glass Elite Privacy

The InvisibleShield Glass Elite VisionGuard: This one is very good too. It even offers a light filter that is meant to reduce eye strain when you look at your iPhone screen for a long time.

The InvisibleShield
Glass Elite VisionGuard

The Spigen protector is made of tempered glass with an oleophobic protection. It comes with hardware that makes it easy to install.

The Spigen protector

The standard Skinomi Protector also features a TPU film. Except that unlike the Matte version seen above, this Skinomi offers a self-healing technology that helps eliminate small scratches and scuffs over time.

The standard Skinomi Protector

So here are the best iPhone 13 screen protectors. There are all kinds: PET, TPU, tempered glass and.

If you prefer tempered glass protectors, Spigen is definitely the best. But if PET film is your preference, the Supershieldz Clear Shield is one of the best. For those who like TPU film, Skinomi has some suitable protectors.

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