Nothing has launched its third product, the second pair of headphones Nothing Ear (stick). The new headphones are not exactly like Nothing Ear (1) and are charaterized by different features. If you are curious to know the latest about Ear (stick), this is all you need to know.

Price and availability

The Nothing Ear (stick) costs 119 euros and shall be available on sale at Myntra and Flipkart in India as from 17 November or as late as 4 November when it shall be available on the international market. In the meantime, the Nothing Ear (1) costs at 99, 00 euros.

Conception, specifications and features of Nothing Ear (stick) vs Nothing Ear (1)

Nothing Ear (stick) comes with vertical case, cylindrical, in form of lipstick. The case body has no lit to cover, but folds to give access to earpiece. The shell charges with USB-C adaptors and does not consider wireless recharge.

In terms of comparison, a square charger, which often took consideration of wireless charging, characterized Nothing Ear (1) but possessed a transparent lit through which we could see the earpiece.

As to what concerns the earpiece, we see the transparent design of Nothing as well as dynamic speakers of 12,6mm, under the codecs AAC and SBC and is a design in form of a stick. Nothing affirms that the Ear (stick) can last 7hours of listening or 3 hours of calls on a single charge, and with shell, the total number of hours battery can last with music player is 29 hours.

Ear (1) on the other one is characterized by a silicon coverage and a noise active cancelling system, which is not the case for Ear (stick).

This time around, there is no silicon coverage and you benefit from basic gestures on the buttons. The headphones are equally dust resistant and water IP54, intra-auditory detection, and taken charge by Google Fast Pair as well Microsoft Swift Pair. It operates the Bluetooth 5.1 and works with Android 5.1 and therefore superior with IOS 11 as well.

Nothing Application X

Nothing equally presents the Nothing X app, which users can use to customize the Ear (stick) sound system to their taste as well performing other settings. The app is primarily designed for users who do not use the Nothing Ear (1) and permits users to find their earpiece when it goes missing.

A weak mode is automatically activated to minimize the latency during games on Phone (1). Phone 1 users will benefit from other exclusive features, customized equalization gestures, software updates and all capacity of Nothing X app.

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