The information technology sector is seriously plagued by counterfeiting. From computers to phones and accessories, nothing is spared. For the most famous brands like Samsung, this goes all the way to accessories such as its most famous headphones: the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. Let’s examine together the different aspects that can allow us to differentiate real Pro buds from fake ones.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 ProApple AirPods Pro
$189.99 $199.99

Aspects to look for to identify authentic Pro buds

Before deciding on the purchase of Samsung Galaxy Buds earphones, it is important to examine the following points to verify their authenticity:

  • Outlets
  • Lists and announcements
  • Analyze the packaging
  • Examine Buds’ carrying case
  • Look at the actual headphones

These points will allow you to identify the differences between the original Samsung Buds and the fake ones.

The differences between the originals and the fake buds

The outlets of your original Samsung Buds

If you want to be reassured that you are getting an authentic version of the Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones, buy them online at Samsung, Microsoft, Verizon, Best Buy, Walmart. Also look for them in Samsung stores or authorized outlets.

On the other hand, if you buy them from street vendors, eBay, Amazon, Craiglist, Alibaba, Facebook Marketplace, Walmart Marketplace, and other e-commerce platforms, there is a risk of being scammed. Scammers take advantage of the fact that these sites usually drop heavily on high-value products to go unnoticed.

The Credible Ads About Samsung Buds Headphones

Knowing how to detect fraudulent advertisements when it comes to making an online purchase is essential. The most important points to consider are:

  • Prices: For genuine Samsung Galaxy Buds they range between $130 to $200. Except during discount periods like major holidays. In normal times if prices are lower these headphones are probably fake. It is also necessary to examine the other points of the advertisements because the scammers can anchor themselves to the market prices to avoid attracting attention.
  • Opinions: when the product is fake, some buyers report it in the comments in the comments with 1 star ratings.
  • Images: Credible sellers use their own images in product listings as well as actual photos of the product. If this is not the case, it is better to avoid the risk.

Clues to recognize real Buds Pro by their packaging

Generally, the manufacturers of counterfeit products do not always manage to reproduce the packaging exactly as the originals. Regarding the pro buds you will notice differences in the logo, colors, sizes or fonts, alignment. The image below illustrates our point well.

If we look at the hang tag for example, the Samsung logo appears on the original unlike the fake; on the seal of the real buds pro it is written “clear receipt” while for the fake one reads “dear receipt”;

How to identify the case of good Samsung earbuds

The original Samsung Buds case uses a lighter and brighter font unlike the fake which uses a darker font.

Knowing how to tell the real Buds earbuds from the fake ones

Real Galaxy Buds and Android devices pair immediately when taken out of the case because their software is fully compatible with Androids. On the other hand, for the fake Galaxy Buds, you will have to associate them via Bluetooth While a woman’s voice guides you during the pairing. While for genuine Samsung Galaxy you will only hear a sound at the end of the pairing.

In terms of quality of functionality

Genuine Galaxy Buds Pro can be connected to the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app. If the headphones manage to update and connect to the app, they’re probably genuine.

  • Sound quality: Genuine Galaxy Buds Pro should deliver high-quality sound with low distortion. You can test the sound quality by playing different types of audio.
  • Microphone quality: Genuine Galaxy Buds Pro microphones should provide clear, smooth speech during phone calls. Test microphone quality by making a call and checking the clarity of your voice.
  • Wireless charging compatibility: Genuine Galaxy Buds Pro are compatible with Qi wireless charging and wireless power sharing. Check if the earphones and charging case can be charged wirelessly

How to get reimbursed for the purchase of a fake bud pro

If a scammer sold you Samsung Galaxy buds Pro, the refund possibilities depend on the platform on which you made the purchase: on sites like Wish, Walmart Marketplace, Amazon, eBay you can contact their customer services to request your refund. On the other hand, on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist there is no possibility of refund.

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