FamiSafe, a parental control application developed by Wondershare, offers parents a powerful set of tools to protect and monitor their children online. However, as with any application, there can be technical issues that can cause hassle for users. In this article, we’ll look at some of the common problems encountered with the FamiSafe app and provide practical solutions to resolve them, so you can continue using the app with peace of mind.

Problems connecting to the FamiSafe application:

One of the most common problems is not being able to connect to the FamiSafe application. This can be due to a variety of reasons, such as a network problem or an error in entering login details. To solve this problem, follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have a stable Internet connection.
  • Check the accuracy of your login details, including e-mail address and password.
  • Try resetting your password if you’re having trouble logging in.
  • You can try logging out of your FamiSafe account on the device you’re using, then logging back in. If this doesn’t work, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the application.
  • Contact FamiSafe technical support if the problem persists.

Incorrect or out-of-date location problem :

The FamiSafe application uses the GPS location function to track your children’s movements. However, there may be situations where the location is incorrect or does not update. Here are some possible solutions:

  • Check the location settings on your child’s phone and make sure they are activated.
  • Make sure the FamiSafe application has the necessary permissions to access the GPS location.
  • Restart your child’s phone and try tracking again.
  • Update the FamiSafe application to the latest available version to resolve any known issues.

Activity report problems:

If you encounter problems with the application’s activity report, you can try checking whether the application is up to date. If it isn’t, you can try updating it. You can also try restarting your phone or contacting FamiSafe support for further assistance.

FamiSafe application keeps crashing

If you find that your FamiSafe application has a habit of crashing or freezing while running, this may be due to an obsolete version of the application, or the presence of corrupted files. In this kind of situation, start by :

  • Force close the application and make sure it’s not running in the background
  • Then restart the phone
  • After restarting the phone, go to Phone settings > Applications > find the FamiSafe application and open it > go to Memory and cache > select Cache and empty the application cache.

Rapidly draining battery problem:

Some users have reported that using the FamiSafe app causes excessive battery drain on mobile devices. Here are some tips for solving this problem:

  • Close any other unused background applications that may be consuming energy.
  • Reduce the GPS location refresh rate in the FamiSafe application settings.
  • Activate the power-saving mode on your child’s phone to extend battery life.
  • Contact FamiSafe technical support for further assistance if needed.


En utilisant l’application FamiSafe, vous pouvez protéger et surveiller efficacement vos enfants en ligne. Cependant, si vous rencontrez des problèmes techniques lors de l’utilisation de l’application, il est important de connaître ces solutions pratiques pour les résoudre rapidement. En suivant les conseils mentionnés dans cet article, vous pourrez continuer à utiliser l’application FamiSafe sans tracas et avec tranquillité d’esprit.

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