While Microsoft’s Surface Pro X, released last year, is still among the best computers on the market alongside the Surface Pro 8, the Surface Pro 9 is expected next October. Indeed, this estimate of the release date comes from the fact that since 2012, it is always in October that Microsoft launches its Surface Pro series and knowing that the next major update for Windows 11 is planned for this period, analysts agree that Microsoft will probably use this device in demonstration.

What differences should we expect between Surface Pro 9 and Surface Pro X?

Surface Pro X
8GB Ram, 128 GB
Surface Pro 9
32GB Ram, 1TB
$483.00 $2,549.98

When we know that Microsoft introduces the major changes in general between several generations while the Surface pro has introduced great changes already, we could well be inspired by the differences marked by this one such as the introduction of Thunderbolt ports, for example, to be reassured that this series will undoubtedly distinguish itself from the Surface Pro X in the first place thanks to this technology which cannot now be missing.

One of the changes introduced by the company is the larger screen on a smaller frame, with the refresh rate increased from 120Hz to 120Hz. Haptic feedback with the Surface Slim Pen 2 was absent on the Surface Pro X, this was introduced on the Pro 8, which also makes it safe to say that it will also be supported on the Surface Pro 9.

We note that Intel’s Aider Lake processors are establishing themselves in the high-tech environment, bringing together performance and efficiency thanks to the particular arrangement of the cores, their presence on the Surface Pro 9 would give it more performance and increase the autonomy of its battery compared to that of the Surface Pro X.

Until then, all of Microsoft’s new cellular-enabled computers make do with LTE. This can be explained by the fact that 5G is not entirely stable. However, given that several Microsoft competitors are currently shipping computers with 5G support, it will be unsurprising and desirable, moreover, that this version of Surface Pro also has it; which would also be a brand difference with the Surface Pro X.

Another probable difference between the two devices could be at the level of the Connect port which loses its usefulness with the introduction of the Thunderbolt port because of the weakness of its band. On this aspect, Microsoft could proceed with its removal or improvement. This difference is not certain that the firm might as well choose to keep this.

It is therefore natural to be reassured that if on the aspect of performance, the Surface Pro X has a RAM of 16 GB, an expandable memory of 512 GB, Adreno 685 and 690 processors and autonomy of 15 hours, the Surface Pro 9 will have performances equal to or superior to those of the Surface Pro 8 such as a Ram of 32 GB, an expandable internal memory of 1 T, a battery life of 16 hours, etc.

Experts are struggling to agree on an exact price estimate for the Surface Pro 9.

Indeed, we know that the Surface Pro 8 bucked the trend by standing out on price. Indeed, it is sold from $ 1099 while all previous models including the Surface Pro X, were marketed on an average of $ 749. This difference is justified by its particularly high performance. There is therefore a certainty that if the Surface Pro 9 aligns itself with the performance of the Surface Pro 8, its price will be relatively above the 1000 euros of the Surface Pro 8 and therefore much higher than the price of the surface Pro X whose current starting price is 855 euros.

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