Samsung is set to delight photography fans with its next flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Promising rumours are already circulating about upcoming camera enhancements for this technological gem. In this article, we reveal the latest information on the camera’s specifications, including the addition of a 50MP 3x telephoto lens, which marks a significant step forward in resolution compared to its predecessor. In addition, we dive into details about the 200MP sensor, 10x periscope unit, and software improvements for the front camera. Get ready for an even more captivating photographic experience with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Amazing telephoto detail:

One of the highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is its improved telephoto lens. According to reliable prognosticators, the phone will feature a 50MP telephoto lens capable of 3x optical zoom. This significant upgrade in resolution expands the possibilities for capturing sharp, vivid detail. Users will now be able to capture moments with incredible clarity, even when capturing distant subjects.

A stunning 200MP sensor

Rumours suggest that Samsung will retain the same 200MP sensor from the Galaxy S23 Ultra for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This high resolution offers exceptional image quality, allowing users to capture every detail with phenomenal accuracy. Whether you’re shooting stunning landscapes or close-ups, the 200MP sensor guarantees unrivalled sharpness and clarity.

Improvements to the 10x periscope unit and ultra-wide lens

While little information is available about possible upgrades to the 12MP ultra-wide unit, it is interesting to note that Samsung is also planning to make minor improvements to the 10x periscope unit. These optimisations will give users even more impressive zoom capabilities, allowing them to capture precious details even from a distance.

An optimised front camera

Samsung isn’t neglecting the front camera either in its quest for photographic perfection. According to rumours, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is set to continue using the 12MP selfie shooter from the S23 range, but with significant software enhancements. These optimisations will ensure dazzling selfies and video calls of unrivalled quality.


With the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, the Korean brand is once again pushing back the boundaries of photographic innovation. Major improvements to the camera, such as the 50MP 3x telephoto lens and 200MP sensor, promise exceptional visual results. Photography enthusiasts won’t be disappointed by the incredible quality and detail that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will deliver. Stay tuned for more updates on this revolutionary smartphone.

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