The world of smart projectors is evolving with XGIMI‘s latest offering, the HORIZON Max, which, compared to its predecessor, the HORIZON Ultra, brings significant improvements. Explore the key differences between these two 4K long throw projectors, where technology meets home cinema.

IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Vision certification:

The HORIZON Max stands out with the first IMAX Enhanced certification for a long-throw intelligent projector, offering an immersive visual experience worthy of IMAX cinemas. Additionally, with Dolby Vision support also found on the Horizon Ultra, the picture and sound are enriched, elevating the quality well beyond standard standards. Or brightening highlights (up to 40 times more) and improving dark areas (10 times more).

ISA 5.0 Automated Gimbal:

ISA 5.0 technology powers the HORIZON Max by integrating a fully automated gimbal. This revolutionary feature automatically locates the best projection positioning, simplifying moving the projector from wall to wall without compromising image quality.

For its part, XGIMI’s HORIZON Ultra integrates ISA 3.0 technology, offering a range of practical features, including automatic continuous keystone correction, autofocus, intelligent screen alignment, intelligent avoidance of obstacles, and intelligent adaptation of wall colors.

Dual Light 2.0 for a Cinematic Experience :

While the XGIMI HORIZON Ultra is limited to Dual Light, the HORIZON Max marks a significant step forward with Dual Light 2.0. This hybrid laser and LED technology provides an even more cinematic viewing experience, with an expanded color gamut, increased color accuracy, high contrast ratio, and exceptional brightness. We are talking about a 35% increase in brightness compared to the HORIZON Ultra, which has a brightness of 2,300 ISO Lumens compared to 3,100 ISO Lumens for the Max version.

Raising the bar with features like IMAX Enhanced Certification, ISA 5.0 Automated Gimbal, and Dual Light 2.0, XGIMI’s HORIZON Max promises an exceptional visual and audio experience. However, the HORIZON Ultra maintains its place with smart features that have already proven themselves. Make your choice based on your priorities and immerse yourself in the world of home entertainment.

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