3D audio allows you to enjoy all the sound effects in your game, the feature now supports TVs, here’s how to enable it.

Below we explain why you need 3D audio and how to get it on your TV speakers.

In the update released on September 15 Sony added the ability to support 3D audio for TV speakers to its PS5.

This update also came with the ability to increase the internal storage of the PS5. If you haven’t done this update yet, do it now as it will change the way you use your console.

PlayStation 5 Console

Before September 15, you could only enjoy 3D audio on headphones. But not everyone is a fan of helmets. Luckily Sony gives us 3D audio on our TV speakers.

The reason 3D audio is so important is because it’s a feature that creates a three-dimensional soundstage, so you really feel like you’re in the game. Sounds are more realistic and more immersive.

Steps to activate 3D audio on TV speakers

  1. These are fairly easy steps to follow.
  2. Open the Settings menu
  3. Navigate to the “Sound” option
  4. Then choose Audio Out

In the “Audio Output” menu you will see a section called “TV”; it contains an option called “Enable 3D audio for TV speakers”, activate it by pressing the X button on the DualSense controller. You will see that it is now highlighted.

Basically, that’s all it takes to enable 3D audio on your TV. But to get the best possible 3D sound on your console from your TV speakers, you need to do a little bit more: measure the acoustics of the room you’ll be playing in.

How to get the best sound on your PS5 with TV speakers

PlayStation 5 Console
By measuring the acoustics of the room, you optimize the sound quality that your PS5 will deliver during games.
You should have seen this option when you enabled 3D audio on the TV, in the section above.
For the acoustic measurement to go well, certain conditions must be verified: your DualSense controller must be updated, like your console for that matter. Next, the room whose acoustics are being measured must be absolutely silent. Finally, set the volume of the TV speakers to a level where they will often be when you're gaming, and hold your controller firmly in your hands. Once you meet all the above conditions, you can start the calibration.
To measure the acoustics of your room, go back to Settings, Go to the "Sound" menu, then to "Audio Output". In the TV section, you will see the option "Measure room acoustics for 3D audio". You will only have to activate this option and press the X button once you are on it.
Now press "Next" to start the measurement. During this process, normally your speakers will produce sounds, this is completely normal. Hold your controller up toward the TV so its mic can pick up sound from the speaker properly.
At the end of the operation, activate the option "Apply measurement results to 3D audio".
You should be able to enjoy much better quality sound now on yoar TV. If you are not satisfied, simply repeat the acoustic measurement process.

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