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This is a list of the most expensive televisions in the world

In recent times, television has become more than just an electronic device for information, for education or entertainment. For some people, it is more of a faithful partner, reason why it should be chosen wisely and cautiously.

The list below presents televisions which of course everybody can’t afford. They are very expensive televisions because the quality thereof is mind blowing. And others are made of gold and diamond.

This is a list of most expensive televisions for those who are fed up with watching their favorite programs on cheap screens.

They are classified from the most affordable to the least affordable.

10. Beovision 4- 103 _140 000 dollars

It is one of the biggest flat screen televisions you will find in the market because it is about 103 inches in height. Beovision 4-103 is distinguished by a minimal and elegant design, with an interesting price of 140 000 dollars. It is delivered with a mouthwatering highly advanced and unique motorized accessory. The Danish companies Bang and Olufsen have equally harmonized the imagery and the television sound, by associating it to two of their unbelievable loud speakers to create not only a fabulous product but equally a fantastic audio-video experience.

9. SAMSUNG UN110S9FXZA _$ 150 000

Samsung televisions are among the best worldwide. This is the cheapest in the list whereas it is a 4K UHD television characterized by an impressive resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and a refreshment rate of about 240 Hz for its large screen of about 110 inches.

It is made up of a great number of USB pods and HDMI accompanied by sophisticated features. Samsung fans will love it.

8. SAMSUNG UA110S9 _$ 152 000

It is similar to the previous one. Both comprise same features and height but exceptionally, Samsung UA110S9 has the Motion Control characteristic. Meaning we can manipulate this television just by hand movement. But your hands should be free from particles.

7. Sharp LB- 1085_ $ 160 000

Was conceived with an extreme durability characteristic in mind. It was conceived for a 24/24 hours of use with complicated features as those in commercial markets. It has an LCD screen of 108 inches with a weak Full HD resolution reflection to supply fine smooth images in almost all clarity conditions.

Most importantly, its 176 degrees visual angle guarantees that images may be seen at almost all angles.

6. SAMSUNG UN105S9B _ $ 260 000

We are talking about the most expensive television of all times with an unbelievable price of 260 000 dollars. It exceptionally differentiated by its impressive color, its super amazing vision, panoramic effect and its wonderful features altogether. Actually, it is characterized by an Upscalling UHD, a deep automatic amplifier, a UHD grading, a local precision grading. In simple terms, this means a crystalline image, natural colors and optimal imagery performance.

But the most fascinating feature is that it can be folded. By pressing a button, it can go from folded to flat. With its 105 inches, it is the biggest most foldable screen worldwide. It is clearly the millionaire’s favorite.

5. PANASONIC TH -152UX1_ $ 500 000

With a large 152 inches screen, Panasonic television of half a million dollars offers a fascinating experience with mind blowing features competing with huge cinema hall screens. It is made of 3D 4k plasma screen with smooth and vibrant colors on the whole screen and produce rich textures thanks to a newly developed technology such that you can watch your favorite movies in their original colors.

The only disturbing issue is that not everybody is capable of spending half a million on a television.

4.  C SEED 201 _ $ 680 000

With its tone and half, and its Retina LED SMD 201 inches  high resolution screen, it is specially conceived for those who wish to have a cinema airing live in their gardens.

The Porsche Design Studio created wonderful equipment which with a simple press on a button, is lifted like a monolith and unfolds into 7 massive LED panels, making it one of the biggest exterior LED televisions. As if that’s not enough, 780 000 LED, 12 large band high speakers and 3 sub woofers justify the exorbitant price of this television.


It may not be as huge as its competitors with its 55 inches screen, but it’s literally covered by gold 18, of diamond, of precious stones and even alligator skin. So it is first of all a luxurious object and a millionaire desire.  It suits all parlor types and of course has a good image quality.


From the name, you can already guess the particularity of this television. It is currently the biggest in the world. It has a 370 inches screen. You will need a 15 meters high wall to hang this television in your home.

Despite the height, it is characterized by movement follow up, soft touch and also the CGI dynamic aquatic which transforms the television to the giant aquarium.


Topping the list is another sophisticated Stuart Hughes product. It is actually the same 55 inches television in the third position. Exceptionally covered with more gold, we are talking about 28kilograms gold precisely 18 carats, more precious stones, sun stones, amethysts and of course alligator skin.

The 2, 26 million price tag is actually the most expensive in the entire world.  

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