Tecno Spark 9 Pro, problems and solutions

Smartphone manufacturers whatever their level of competence and experience, most at times can’t figure out the right formula to fabricate perfect devices without weaknesses. Same goes for the amazing Tecno Spark 9 Pro. In this booklet, we provide correctives measures to Tecno Spark 9 Pro user for any problem they might encounter. 

Tecno Spark 9 Pro phone case

Habitual Problems for Tecno Spark 9 Pro users

  1. Overheating
  2. Screen functioning problem
  3. Sluggishness and user interface displacement
  4. Fast battery drainage
  5. Cellular network and mobile data problem
  6. Slow charging system
  7. Tecno Spark 9Pro application related problem

How to solve regular Tecno Spar 9 Pro problems

Problem of Overheating

Tecno Spark 9 Overheating generally originates from three angles: the processor, telephone battery and screen.

Two cases involved here; either it heats up while on normal use or during charging process.

If your smartphone heats up during normal usage process, regularize the problem with the following step guidelines.

  • Update the micro software if available
  • Take short breaks from games to allow it cool down
  • Get rid of the heavy phone case
  • Ensure to install all applications fro Play Store. Do a proper update of all applications because those fidgeting generally overheat the Tecno Spark 9 Pro battery.
  • Don’t use the camera for a prolonged period of time especially with your flash on.
  • Avoid executing Wi-Fi, video, games, micro screen, live streaming etc. because they consume a lot resources.

Smartphone overheating while on charge is normal but you can minimize the temperature with the following tips:

  • Update the Tecno S [ark 9 Pro software system of you
  • Remove the case while it is on charge to dissipate the heat
  • Use only the factory or original charger or one certified by Tecno
  • Avoid playing games on your phone while it is on charge to avoid heating the battery and the processor at the same time.
  • Charge your Tecno Spark 9 in a fresh environment. If you are in a car, preserve it in a gloves box
  • Deactivate  rapid charge from the Settings app or use an old charger if there is no rapid charg deactivation option

Should in case your Tecno Spark 9 continues to overheat despite you trying all tips, rush to the nearest service center for an appropriate repair.

Screen functioning problem

It is possible that your Tecno Spatrk 9 Screen does not respond properly. First remedy is to restart your phone. Apply the following measures if your problem is not solved:

  • A dirty screen will obviously act weird. Wipe it with a soft cloth. Neither use alcohol nor chemical products to avoid damaging the material used in fabricating the screen.
  • With a screen protector installed, it is difficult for Tecno Spark 9 Pro to register contacts. Remove it and install anew.
  • Economy mode activated helps to reduce your smartphone performances. Deactivate it .

Generally, when Tecno Spark 9 Pro is 15% charged, the energy economy mode is automatically deactivated.

  • Sometimes, water penetrates the phone. In this case, off it as soon as possible and put it in a bowl or bag of rice for at least 24 hours.
  • If you notice outburst, or pimples or discolorations on the screen, your phone screen is physically damaged and the only solution is to replace it.

Whether the screen is damaged or none of the solutions above works out, we advise that you reach out to the nearest maintenance center for a replacement.

Slow user interface

Slower user interface is one of the most disturbing problems for Tecno Spark 9Pro users. Open an app takes a lot of time. Sometimes, the screen fidget’s too. To come through with this problem, you should try out the solutions suggested below:

  • Lack of internal storage space is at the origin of; automatic app delete, critical file corruption, etc. liberate files by getting rid of a apps you no longer have need of. This helps to liberate the RAM as well.
  • Another remedy is by installing Lite versions of apps like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, YouTube. You can as well do a Tecno Spark upgrade with the latest Firmware.
  • Your Tecno Spark 9 Pro could be slowed down by virus. Do a proper scan with the help of an antivirus.

If none of these tips, you should do a file back up and reinitialize your smartphone to factory settings.

Tecno Spark 9 Pro runs down quickly

Raoid battery shut down can be caused by a couple of reasons: a disorder or a material problem by applying the following tips; you can successfully solve your problem:

If the screen lighting is high, the battery runs down quickly. Reduce it in the settings. You can as well activate the automatic screen lighting regulation: Settings/display/ lighting and activate “ adaptive luminosity”

  • Put off wifi, Bluetooth, GPS on your Spark 9 Pro because they do consume a lot of battery.
  • Uninstall all unnecessary clean up app (RAM booster, Battery Booster, antivirus, Mod and others) these apps slow down your smartphone and exhaust your battery.

If the problem persists, back up all media files and reinitialize Tecno Spark 9 to factory settings. If this does not work still, the battery is certainly damaged. Go to the nearby service center to replace it.

Cellular network and mobile data network problem on Tecno Spark 9 Pro

Numerous Tecno Spark 9 Pro users are faced with cellular network and mobile network problems. To correct this problem:

  • Activate Airplane mode on your smartphone  and deactivate
  • If the Airplane mode method does not work, restarting your phone is one of the options
  • Remove and reinsert your sim card. This works most often.
  • Got to Settings, activate data roaming. Your smartphone will reestablish the internet connection.
  • Another solution is by reinitializing network configurations; Settings/ system” click on Reinitialisation option “followed by “reset wifi, mobile and Bluetooth”, click on reinitialize parameters.

If it happens that none of these parameters work out, insert your sim card in another smartphone. If that phone receives signal, the problem is from the sim placement in your phone. If it doesn’t, the sim card certainly is crashed. Call the service provider for a new sim card.

Tecno Spark 9 Pro is too slow in charging

  • Many factors contribute to slowness in battery recharge of your Tecno Spark 9 Pro
  • Make sure that you are using a charger compatible to smartphone. Quick recharge happens mostly with Tecno charger itself.
  • A faulty connection can prevent your Tecno from charging quickly. Make sure that your charger is properly connected to the socket and USB cable correctly connected.
  • If dust accumulates inside the telephone charging system, it brings about slow charging. Use a non-conductor element like a toothpick to clean it.
  • Try a different UB cable, if it works, then your cable is damaged. Buy a new USB compatible to your charger
  • A micro software disorder might be at the origin of that slow charging. Perform a micro software upgrade to correct it.

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