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Huawei Watch GT 3 problems and their solutions

A problem with your Huawei Watch GT 3? Do not panic, we have compiled for you the most encountered problems as well as the best solutions.

Although a good watch, the Huawei Watch GT 3 is subject to certain problems that are in fact encountered in many connected watches.

Most commonly used solutions to fix problems on Huawei Watch GT 3

In general, restarting your watch fixes many bugs. If that doesn’t work, you can un-pair it from your smartphone and start pairing again. If the problem is not solved until then, you can reset it to its factory settings, using the method explained at the end of this article.

1.       My Huawei Watch GT 3 does not receive notifications.

Huawei GT Watch 3 Screen Protection

This is one of the biggest problems encountered on this watch. To solve it, some simple solutions are to be applied.

Start by checking that the “Do not disturb” function is deactivated on the watch. To deactivate this function, drag the notification panel down and you will only have to press it to deactivate it; if it was already enabled.

Have you thought about checking if the Bluetooth connection is activated and if the two devices are paired (smartphone and watch)? If so, disable and re-enable Bluetooth. If it still doesn’t work, remove the Watch GT 3 from your Bluetooth settings and try pairing again.

You can also try clearing the cache and data of the Huawei Health app. To do this, go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Huawei Health > Storage > Clear cache and delete the data.

Finally, uninstall and reinstall the Huawei Health app.

2.       My Huawei Watch GT 3 does not display the correct weather

This is a problem that is also much reported, but fortunately it is one of the easiest to solve.

Start by checking that the weather widget is still present on the home screen. If you don’t see it, it’s probably been deleted. In this case, you must replace it. Once done, restart your Watch GT 3 and everything should work properly.

3.       Battery or battery life issues on the GT 3

This is probably the most common problem on all watches of all brands, even Apple Watches. On Huawei GT 3, you might encounter this problem after a new update. This problem is one of the most disturbing because there are no real solutions, just workarounds.

Start by deactivating features that are not absolutely necessary, such as the function that allows you to raise your wrist to see the time. Start with this one because it consumes a lot of battery, for really not much.

4.        The Watch GT 3 does not display caller ID

To fix this bug, go to settings, then search for app permissions, search for Huawei Health app and enable permission to access call logs. Once the app has the necessary permissions, you will be able to see a caller ID on your watch again.

5.       GPS is not accurate

This problem is often caused by problematic software. To fix it, please update your GT 3.

If that doesn’t work, unpair the smart watch from your smartphone, then re-pair it.

If this problem persists, reset your watch to its factory settings by following the steps below:

On the Watch GT 3 home screen, click the top button and go to system settings > System > Reset

There is another method which is to open the Huawei Watch app, click the device icon on the top right corner of the homepage, then reset. It’s so much simpler.

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