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Galaxy Watch 4 : Majority of problems and their solutions

Having a problem with your Galaxy Watch 4? We have listed for you all the common problems encountered with this watch and their solutions.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a good watch with the latest technology; but no human work being perfect; it has its little worries which can be easily solved.

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How to Fix Most Galaxy Watch 4 Problems

In general, restarting an electronic device solves some of its malfunctions. This is the case with smartphones; but also with smart watches like the Galaxy Watch 4.

Also, make sure your Galaxy Watch 4 and smartphone have enough battery. Sometimes the operation of this watch is disturbed because it is not sufficiently charged.

1. Galaxy Watch 4 not pairing or syncing well with my phone

It must be recognized that pairing the Galaxy Watch 4 to a smartphone or any other device can sometimes be problematic. To fix this pairing and syncing issue, make sure you have the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone; and that it has all the necessary authorizations.

If you don’t have a Samsung device, you will additionally need the Galaxy Watch 4 plug-in and the Samsung accessory service. If you don’t have a Samsung device, you will additionally need the Galaxy Watch 4 plug-in and the Samsung accessory service.

If you don’t have a Samsung device, you will additionally need the Galaxy Watch 4 plug-in and the Samsung Accessories service. But their installation is automatic in normal some times. So open the Galaxy Wearable app and tap Start. The phone will fetch your watch and send you a code that you will need to confirm to complete the pairing.

Then just follow the instructions to complete the pairing. If the Galaxy Wearable app can’t find your watch, bring your watch closer to your phone and use one or more of the techniques below:

Disable and then enable Bluetooth on your phone and on your watch.

Try restarting your Galaxy Watch and smartphone. The Galaxy Watch restart procedure is at the end of this article.

2. Galaxy Watch 4: How to fix error: “This watch is not supported on this phone”

It often occurs when setting up the Watch on the Galaxy Wearable app. To resolve this error, use the Samsung Health app instead of Galaxy Wearable.

Open Samsung Health and sign in with your Samsung account. When done, tap the three dots to open the menu. Select Settings then Accessories then Search for accessories.

Once your watch is detected, select it.

Samsung Health will prompt you to install various apps and add-ons, including the Galaxy Watch 4 plug-in. You will also need to sign in with your Google account. Just follow the instructions.

Your watch should be usable on your device when the whole process is complete.

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3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 not charging

If your watch won’t charge or has issues when charging, first check that the charger is securely connected and that the outlet you plugged it into is working.

Then check if the watch charger or charging cable is damaged. It happens more often than you might think. If the charger is faulty, replace it. In the meantime, you can use your phone’s reverse charging feature; if it has this feature.

If the Galaxy Watch still has charging issues, make sure the back of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and its charging dock is free of dirt. If everything is clean and the watch does not charge, restart it and try again. If until then it does not charge, reset it by following the steps below:

Go to Settings, then General and tap Reset. Confirm to start the reset.

If nothing has worked, go to a specialist, preferably Samsung.

4. Galaxy Watch 4 charges slowly and heats up a lot

It’s probably because she’s in high demand. Put it in airplane mode before charging it.

To put your watch in airplane mode, swipe down from the top of its screen to bring up the quick settings panel. Tap the Airplane icon.

If the problem is not solved, contact Samsung support.

5. Galaxy Watch 4 has update issues

Remember before you start that updates are crucial for the smooth performing of a Galaxy Watch: or any other device. Updates are automatic but if your watch has challenges getting updates, try any of the solutions below.

Go to Settings then “About watch” and swipe to Software to check for updates. If so, start downloading updates by going to Settings and then Software Update.

Of course, you will make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is good.

You can also launch the Galaxy Watch 4 update from the Wearable application on your Smartphone; it’s easier.

Open Galaxy Wearable and go to Watch Settings. Tap Watch software update. If that doesn’t work, restart your phone and smart watch and try again.

6. Galaxy Watch 4 screen issues

The Galaxy Watch 4 has a beautiful, bright and colorful AMOLED display. If it won’t turn on, hangs, or has other issues, here are some things to try:

If you can scroll through the menus freely, but the watch doesn’t show its face, the face itself may be the problem. Put back the original dial that came with the Watch 4 to make sure.

To do this, long press on the current watch face, swipe left to cycle through the available faces. Tap the one you want to use.

You can also change watch faces from the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone. Open the app, tap Watch Faces, and then tap to choose yours.

If your watch does not display anything on the screen, restart it and check that the Samsung logo is displayed. If not, then it is a hardware problem. Then take your watch to Samsung.

If the logo appears but the screen does not display anything when the boot is complete, use your phone to reset the watch. To do that:

Open the Wearable app, tap on Watch Settings then on General, Reset and finally confirm the reset.

Sometimes your Galaxy Watch 4 screen becomes unresponsive to gestures. You just need to activate Raise to fix it.

To enable Raise, open Settings on the watch, go to Display and then Screen wake. You can select Raise wrist to wake to activate the gesture.

If the gesture still doesn’t work, check that Water Lock Modes, Theater Mode, Bedtime Mode, and Power Saver Mode are turned off. These modes prevent the display from turning on.

7. How to fix notification issues on Galaxy Watch 4

If you’re not getting notifications on your watch, try one of the solutions below:

Make sure your smartphone is allowed to send notifications to your watch already. On your smartphone, open the Galaxy app. Tap Notifications on the home screen and check that the send notifications button is enabled.

Some apps might not send notifications. If so, allow them to do so as well.

If the issue is not resolved, disable power saving or alert restriction modes such as Theater, Bedtime, and Power Saver modes.

Finally, if the notifications still do not come, restart your watch and your smartphone if you have not already done so. Next, disable and enable Bluetooth on both devices.

8. Galaxy Watch 4: Battery issues

This watch has more battery issues than previous versions. To reduce battery life issues on your Galaxy Watch 4, please update its software as often as possible.

To do this, open Settings on your watch and go to Software Update to check for updates. If so, tap Install Now.

You can also delete apps you don’t need. Swipe up from the bottom of your Galaxy Watch 4, Long press the app you want to remove and confirm its removal.

Using a standard Galaxy Watch 4 face also saves battery power.

  Switch to a standard watch face. If you installed a new third-party watch face and find that your battery now drains faster, switch back to an original watch face.

Another trick is to disable always-on display. You can do this by going to Settings on the watch, then Display and finally turn off the always-on display.

Also disable screen wake gestures by opening Settings > Display > disable raise wrist to wake.

9. Activity tracking issues

The Galaxy Watch 4 offers plenty of fitness and health tracking features, from body composition monitoring to ECG intelligence. But like on other smart watches, these sensors often have problems.

Note that ECG, blood pressure monitoring and the new snoring monitor only work if your watch is paired with your smartphone. Also, some features are only available in certain areas of the world.

Your watch does not automatically record your workouts, valid if automatic workout detection is enabled. You do this by opening Samsung Health on your watch then go to Settings and finally enable Auto-detect workouts. To improve the Galaxy Watch 4’s GPS accuracy, go to Settings and then Location.

Toggle on Improve Accuracy. Your watch will use mobile networks if it is LTE and Wi-Fi to better geolocate you. Of course, check that the watch is fully charged. If there is a problem with the heart rate measurement functionality, check that the sensor has no sound that the watch strap fits snugly on your wrist: neither too light nor too tight.

How to replace your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 In fact, replacing a Galaxy Watch 4 is very easy: Simply press and hold both watch buttons until the screen turns off. The watch will then reset. You can also swipe down from the top of the screen, tap the power button, and finally tap Power off to confirm purified.

How to restart your Sansung Galaxy Watch 4

Actually, restarting a Galaxy Watch 4 is very easy:

Simply maintain the two buttons on the watch enforced till the screen goes off. the watch will then restart.

You could as well slide your finger downward from the top of the screen, press on the power button and click on Turn Off to confirm the restart.


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