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Realme GT 5 vs Xiaomi 14: which is the better choice?

The smartphone market is constantly evolving, with new models offering increasingly impressive performance. Two of the latest devices to spark consumer interest are the Realme GT 5 and the Xiaomi 14. These two smartphones offer remarkable features and specifications, but also have notable differences. In this article, we’ll explore both of these devices to help you determine which might be the better choice for you.

Strong points
Realme GT 5Xiaomi 14
Bigger screenIP68 certification
Higher refresh rateMore comfortable
More powerful batteryHigher brightness
Faster chargingMore efficient camera
Affordable costMore efficient
Best Storage Options
Varied charging options

Conception and design

Both the Realme GT 5 and Xiaomi 14 offer a sleek, premium design, with high-quality materials such as glass and aluminum for a feeling of solidity and sophistication. However, the Xiaomi 14 stands out for its IP68 certification, making it dust and water resistant, making it an ideal choice for active users or those who work in harsh environments.

The Realme GT 5 with its dimensions of 163.1 x 75.4 x 8.9 mm and a weight of 205 g, is larger and heavier than the Xiaomi 14 which measures 152.8 x 71.5 x 8.2 mm and weighs 188 g (193 g for the model with silicone polymer back) thus offering a lighter, thinner and more comfortable feeling in the hand.


The Realme GT 5 carries a larger 6.74-inch AMOLED display, 1240 x 2772 pixels resolution. Indeed, the Xiaomi 14 offers a 6.36-inch LTPO OLED screen with a resolution of 1200 x 2670 pixels. Additionally, the Realme GT 5’s screen with a refresh rate of 144 Hz is smoother than the Xiaomi 14’s screen because the latter refreshes at a frequency of 120 Hz.

Both phones support HDR10+ technology. But the Xiaomi 14 with its maximum brightness of 3000 nits is twice as bright as the Realme GT 5 whose maximum brightness is 1400. When reading, we will then feel more comfortable with the Xiaomi 14 even in direct sunlight.


Both the Realme GT 5G and Xiaomi 14 offer triple camera systems. The Realme GT 5G features a primary configuration with a 50 MP sensor, an 8 MP ultra-wide lens, and a 2 MP macro sensor. Its front camera is 16 MP.

On the other hand, the Xiaomi 14 is equipped with three 50 MP sensors, offering more versatility and clarity for different types of shots. Additionally, its 32 MP selfie camera guarantees selfies that are twice as sharp and detailed.


Both the Realme GT 5G and Xiaomi 14 are powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen processors said to deliver exceptional performance. But the Xiaomi 14 is obviously more powerful and more efficient with the 8 Gen 3 which powers it because the Realme GT 5G is instead powered by the lower version the 8 Gen 2.

The Realme GT 5 offers internal memory options of 256GB and 12GB RAM, or 512GB and 16GB RAM. This configuration allows for fast and smooth execution of the most demanding applications, as well as large storage capacity for multimedia files.

The Xiaomi 14 is also more convincing on this point. Indeed, it offers more memory options:256 GB 8 GB RAM, 256 GB 12 GB RAM, 512 GB 16 GB RAM, 1 TB 16 GB RAM. Combined with its processor, this configuration allows for faster and smoother execution of the most demanding applications, as well as impressive storage capacity for multimedia files.


Regarding autonomy, the Realme GT 5G is equipped with a 5240 mAh Li-Po battery, non-removable, more powerful than the 4610 mAh Li-Po battery of the Xiaomi 14. In addition, the battery of the Realme GT 5 is powered by 150W wired fast charging, which according to the manufacturer allows the phone to be recharged from 1 to 50% in just 7 minutes. This is faster than the 90W wired charging that powers the Xiaomi 14 and which according to the manufacturer refuels the phone in 31 minutes.

This generous battery capacity and Realme GT 5’s super-fast charging provide greater battery life and convenience for users who need to quickly charge their phone.

However, although its battery capacity is lower than that of the Realme GT 5G, and its wired charging is slower, the Xiaomi 14 also offers 50 W wireless fast charging options (100% in 46 min announced) and without 10W reverse wire, adapting to the needs of different users.

Availability and price

The Realme GT 5 comes in two attractive colors namely Flowing Silver and Starry Oasis. It is offered at a price of around 380 euros. It is significantly cheaper than the Xiaomi 14, available in four attractive colors, namely Black, Silver, Pink and Green, and is priced around 520 euros.


In summary, the Realme GT 5G with good value for money, a competitive price and satisfactory characteristics especially in terms of autonomy, offers an attractive option for budget-conscious users. While the Xiaomi 14, although more expensive, remains an attractive option for users looking for a more durable, more efficient and more versatile smartphone.

Weak points
Realme GT 5Xiaomi 14
No IP certificationSmaller screen
HeavierLower refresh rate
Lower brightnessLess powerful battery
Limited camera performanceSlower charging
Less efficientExpensive
Limited storage options
Single charge option

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