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Oppo Reno 6 series common problems and their solutions

In this article, you will learn some possible solutions to fix the common problems of the Oppo Reno 6 series Smartphone.

Reno 6 Pro Screen Protection

How to fix Oppo Reno 6 Pro 5G overheating issue?

Unplug your device’s charger and close all apps that are running in the background. Now wait for the device to cool down (for a few seconds) and then plug it back in again

If the bottom of your phone is overheating, it may be because the connected USB cable is damaged. In this case, we suggest that you replace the damaged USB cable with a new one (avoid buying such important accessories from cheap brands and always opt for original products)

Make sure your Oppo Reno 6 Pro 5G system is up to date. If not, update it to the latest version.

How to solve the slow charging problem on the Oppo Reno 6 Smartphone?

If your device is charging slowly, follow these instructions:

Slow charging of your device may be caused by a weak power source. Check it and take the necessary measures

Make sure that the problem is not due to a simple defect in the charger you are using. If this is your case, replace it with another

It is possible that the charging port of the phone has a problem. Check it out and take the necessary action

Oppo Reno 6 Smartphone slow charging issues are encountered when the battery suffers from a technical problem. Get a new battery from an authorized distributor

Check and make sure that the problem is not due to the device having a large number of blocked apps

Clear the cached data of your device, which could definitely fix the problem

Make sure that you have not authorized the synchronization of data from your Oppo Reno 6 with third-party applications

Update your apps

Uninstall any apps you no longer use

Do a soft reset as a last resort and the problem will probably go away.

How to solve the fingerprint sensor problem on the Oppo Reno 6?

First, just clean your hands. Dust or debris on your fingers may be causing the problem. Check and take necessary action

Gently clean the fingerprint reader of the phone with a soft cloth and check if that fixes the problem

This problem can sometimes manifest because the storage space of the phone is completely full. Check and free up space

Check if an update is available for your device. If so, install it

Simply delete the registered fingerprint from your Oppo Reno 6 and add it again. This may solve the problem

One of the reasons for common fingerprint reader issues on the Oppo Reno 6 is nothing but very light pressure on the fingerprint reader. Put some more pressure on the sensor with your finger and check if it works

Always make sure to add more than one fingerprint

Sometimes this problem can be caused by giving permission to several apps installed on the phone to access the fingerprint scanner of the phone. Check and disable this permission

How to solve the problem connecting to applications on the Oppo Reno 6 Z 5G?

Check if the affected app is outdated. If so, an app update from the Play Store might fix the problem.

Check that your device’s Google Play service does not have a problem as it may affect the functioning of installed applications

Insufficient storage space on your device can be the cause of this issue. Check and erase unused files and apps

It is possible that the problem lies with your account created on the application.

Make sure that there are no recent changes in the usage policies of the app in question

Weak internet connection can also cause this problem

How to fix Whatsapp not working issue on Oppo Reno 6?

Check if you are violating any WhatsApp usage policy

Switch to app defaults in settings and check if it works

Check if the WhatsApp storage on your Oppo Reno 6 is completely full. Clear some data and try again

This problem is sometimes caused when users log in to the same account through multiple gadgets. Make sure you have not logged in to your account from a parallel Smartphone at the same time

You may be using WhatsApp on an older operating system. Check and take necessary action

Make sure there is no problem with your internet connection

Common WhatsApp issues on the Oppo Reno 6 are caused in some cases when the VPN is enabled. Disable and check if the issue is resolved

How to Fix Call Outgoing Issue on Oppo Reno 6 Series Smartphones?

This problem may be caused by your device having Airplane mode turned on. Check and disable it

Eject the SIM tray and reinsert it after 10 seconds. This may solve the problem

Reset network settings to default if you have recently customized them and check if it works

Check that the network selection mode is not set to manual mode. To do this, go to Settings > Mobile Networks > Mobile Operator and check if “Automatic” is unchecked, check it

You may have blocked the phone contact you are trying to call. Check it in the blacklist

Simply restart your device

Make sure that call barring option is not enabled as it can cause this issue

Install any pending software updates

How to solve the problem of sending and receiving SMS on the Reno 6?

Make sure the contact you’re sending the message to isn’t blocked

Check if the message center number is not correct or missing from the settings of your Oppo Reno 6. To do this, dial the following code sequence: *#*#4636#*#* or go to Settings > To About phone > Network status and check that it matches your carrier

Just clear the cached data of the messaging app and check if the issue is resolved

Delete some old messages that are no longer needed and check if it works

Restarting your Oppo Reno 6 Smartphone can solve this problem. Try and check

Remove the SIM card from your device and reinsert it after 30 seconds.

Check if the problem is with the network operator

How to fix microSD issue on Reno 6 series phone?

Check if the problem you are having is not due to the fact that you have not inserted the card correctly in the phone

Make sure the SD card you are using is in working order

One of the reasons for common micro-SD card issues is the presence of a virus in the stored data. Have it scanned by PC antivirus software

Check if the card you are using has no physical damage

Check if this issue is not caused by your phone not being able to handle the memory card of the same storage capacity that you are using.

If the other steps don’t work, format the card and see if that solves the problem.

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