Problems encountered on the Xiaomi 14 and solutions

The Xiaomi 14 and 14 Pro were launched some time ago, and are certainly delighting their users on a daily basis with their premium features and functionality. Just like any electronic device, the Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Pro can from time to time be subject to malfunctions which we deal with in this review of regular problems on the Xiaomi 14.

  1. Network or Wi-Fi problems on Xiaomi 14
  2. Heating problems on the Xiaomi 14
  3. Problems with audio lag compared to video when recording on the Xiaomi 14
  4. Lag issues between sound and image when playing content on the Xiaomi 14
  5. Battery problems that drain quickly on the Xiaomi 14
  6. Xiaomi 14 slowness issues

How to Fix Network or Wi-Fi Issues on Xiaomi 14

If you are experiencing problems with daily network loss or inability to connect to Wi-Fi on your Xiaomi 14 or Xiaomi 14 Pro phone, try the solutions below to fix it:

  • Restart the Xiaomi 14: This can be an effective solution to resolve network connection problems, in fact this solution has already proven itself on previous versions of the brand’s phone.
  • Reconnect to the Wi-Fi network: Often times, simply reconnecting to a constantly disconnected Wi-Fi network can help resolve the issue
  • Reset mobile data: Resetting the mobile data of the Xiaomi 14 involves resetting the phone’s network settings, to do this in the Settings, find the “Connection and sharing” setting, then slide and go to “Reset Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and Bluetooth. You will see the “Reset Settings” option appear and tap on it.
  • Replace hotspot and reset APN: If the problem is only with the mobile network, it is recommended to check and reset the network access settings (APN).
  • Update Xiaomi 14: A system update can fix network connection issues, but make sure your device is at least 60% charged before updating.
  • Update Router Firmware: If the Wi-Fi disconnection issue is related to the router, upgrading its firmware can help fix the Xiaomi 14 not connecting to Wi-Fi issue.
  • Check the SIM card: A defective SIM card necessarily implies network connection problems. So make sure your SIM card is inserted into the phone and working properly.
  • Make sure you are in an environment well served by your telephone operator: An environment that is not compatible with the network (basement, walls that are too thick, elevator, etc.) can cause network connection problems.
  • Check carrier: An incident on your carrier’s network can also cause network connection issues. If the problem persists, contact your carrier for information on known issues and suggested solutions.

How to solve heating problems on Xiaomi 14?

Overheating issues can be caused by several factors, if your Xiaomi 14 starts to heat up abnormally, we suggest you try the tips below to fix Xiaomi 14 phone overheating issue.

  • Restrict running apps: Apps running in the background can consume a lot of resources and cause the phone to overheat. This is why, if your phone starts to heat up abnormally, the first thing to do to return the temperature to normal is to check the applications currently running and close those that are not necessary.
  • We also advise you to avoid using your phone while it is charging, as this can cause overheating.
  • Also avoid using your phone in places that are too hot or under strong sunlight, as this can also cause overheating.
  • In case your Xiaomi 14 continues to heat up too much, try restarting your phone or resetting it to factory settings.
  • If the problem still persists, contact Xiaomi technical support for help.

How to fix audio lag versus video when recording on Xiaomi 14

The delay between audio and video during recording may be caused by a software or hardware problem. To resolve lag issues while recording on a Xiaomi 14 you can try the following steps:

  • Start by making sure your camera app is up to date and working properly.
  • You can also restart your Xiaomi 14 to reset the audio and video settings.
  • If synchronization is not always effective between sound and video, check if there are system updates available for your Xiaomi 14 and install them if necessary

How to fix audio lag issues when playing content on Xiaomi 14

If you are experiencing a delay between sound and image when playing a video on your Xiaomi 14 phone, one of the following solutions might help you fix it:

  • Update your applications, especially your media players, without of course forgetting to update your Operating System.
  • Check the audio settings of the app you use to play your content and adjust them if possible.
  • Restart your Xiaomi 14 to refresh the audio and video settings.

Fix battery draining issues quickly on the Xiaomi 14

  • Optimize the management of your applications: uninstall unnecessary applications or applications that consume a lot of battery. You can also disable apps that are not used frequently and close apps that are running in the background when not in use.
  • Turn off unnecessary features: Turn off features like GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi when not in use.
  • Go to the battery settings of your Xiaomi 14 or 14 Pro and check the list of applications that consume the most energy. If you find a suspicious application there, force it to stop and uninstall it.
  • Also during your gaming sessions, make sure you have closed background applications to avoid rapid discharge.
  • Enable “Adaptive Screen Rate” and “Adaptive Brightness” to reduce battery consumption.
  • Adjust battery settings: Enable “Battery consumption optimization” and “Power saving mode” in the Xiaomi 14 settings.

How to Fix Xiaomi 14 Slow Issues

To resolve slowness issues on a Xiaomi 14, you can start by restarting the phone by pressing the Power button, a system update would also greatly help speed up your device. Other steps to make your Xiaomi 14 faster are as follows:

  • Restart the phone
  • Free up storage space by deleting apps you don’t use;
  • Clear the memory cache of applications installed on your phone.
  • Close apps running in the background on your phone.

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