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Some reasons why refurbished phones should be used

A refurbished phone is a phone used and put back on sale after being cleaned, repaired, and put back in a box by a professional. Therefore, it is perfectly operational, but it may have aesthetic defects (scratches, traces of impact) and does not have a new battery. Depending on its aesthetic condition and its age, refurbished phones are classified by grade and their price is 20 to 50% lower than in a new version.

Refurbished phones historical review

Refurbished phones are new smartphones that could not be sold due to packaging or exposure. The expression “reconditioned” has had an official definition since February 2022 (decree no. 2022-190 of February 17, 2022). Therefore, refurbished telephones must have undergone tests to verify that they fully meet the legal security obligations and the use that the consumer can legitimately expect

Moreover, refurbished phones have a limited lifespan. For an android system the lifespan is 3years, for iPhones the lifespan is 4years. After this period of life, the phone begins to show faults in the battery, the display, lack of power. This is why they are classified four categories:  Grade A (like new), Grade B (very good condition), Grade C (good condition), and Grade D (fair condition).The consumer should keep in mind that this is not a new phone.

iPhone XSiPhone 11
933.18 $504.00 $

Refurbished phones pros and cons

* Benefits


Refurbished phones have an immeasurable importance on the environment because, by extending the life of a device, it can delay the environmental impact of these devices. Recycling mobiles (plastics, irons) is also a means of delaying planned obsolescence. Refurbished, the phone is taken back, given a second life and is picked up by a new user.


In this sense, we can say that the prices of refurbished mobiles will be more advantageous, since consumers can obtain a product that is new or in good working condition at a very affordable price covered by a 6 to 12 month warranty. With this system and depending on the phone model you want, you can lower the purchase price of a used smartphone by 20 to 70% than the normal price.

The disadvantages of Refurbished phones


If refurbished phones have found a place in the hearts of consumers, however they drag with them a multitude of problems. Indeed, exposed for some time to the search for a potential buyer, and unable to sell, its phones are redeployed in nature without control and constitute a real headache for the environment. Unable to recycle his phones are rejected in nature thus causing pollution, health.


From this perspective, refurbished phones constitute a stubborn obstacle so far as, due to their presence on the market, a new and original article no longer manages to sell at a convenient price. Moreover, consumers are more oriented towards refurbished products at a lower price, which could drop at any time to the detriment of the ideal part. With its phones we note in the markets an inflation of fakes and counterfeits.

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